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The Society of Jesus: Evil Heirs of Aristotle


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In the "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites," (Campaigner, May-June 1978), Lyndon H. LaRouche reported on the work he and his associates had done establishing the continuous existence over thousands of years of two conspiracies which are in combat for the future of mankind.

On the one side is the unbroken thread of Platonism, exemplified by LaRouche's International Caucus of Labor Committees and by the sorely missed Pope Paul VI. On the other is the oligarchic conspiracy that threatens a return to the Dark Ages and nurtures the evil of Mao, Pol Pot, and the Ayatollah Khomeini. It is difficult for most people to admit the depths of evil to which these dark forces are prepared to descend rather than risk the loss of their hereditary claims to power. Yet today, less than two years after the writing of "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites," the horrors of Cambodia stand revealed, and the new horrors of Iran are unfolding,

When we speak of two conspiracies, we do not mean that Satan and God exist as junior and senior partners who jointly run the world. The human race has survived up until now despite the failure of the humanist conspiracy to finally stamp out these enemies of the human race--but we do not have such latitude today.

At issue is not just the death of billions in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, portended by the Dark Age tight-credit policies of the International Monetary Fund and its agents, such as Federal Reserve Chairman Volker, policies which doom the inhabitants of these areas by cutting off vital imports. Nor is the issue just the oligarchic IMF policy that pushes these areas to divert food production capabilities into the production of cash crops for export, such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, which are then imported into Western Europe and the United States. Perhaps we could survive this new opium war, which threatens to destroy our own children, without finally defeating the oligarchic masters of the international illegal narcotics cartel "Dope, Incorporated."

But we are threatened today with the absolute annihilation of civilization through a nuclear third world war, brought on by the insane adventurism of these same Dark Age forces, if the situation they have provoked in the Middle East and Asia should go out of control. Good and evil cannot continue to coexist if the world as we know it is to survive, This time we humanists must win.

How is it possible that over two thousand years have elapsed since Plato's death and the death of Jesus, and still the human race is in jeopardy? How is it that this nation, founded as a humanist republic, is in the state we find it today? Why did the great humanist leaders of the past not recruit a constituency sufficiently powerful to wipe out this evil conspiracy once and for all? Clearly because Satan finds shelter in the passivity and pettiness of the average person who places his own concerns, his family, his job, first. The Christian religion knows this as the problem of the sheep who must be guided by a pastor. Plato describes it with the "Phoenician myth" of mankind divided among the golden-souled few, the silver-souled, and the mass of people who, alas, have only bronze souls. The oligarchic conspiracy depends on the passivity and gullibility of the mass of men and women who do not yet rest their identity on the rule of reason, try to govern their behavior by what they believe to be "true opinion," and who therefore are easily manipulated.

The so-called energy crisis is an example of how this manipulation works. The oligarchic conspiracy maintains power through its ability to deploy a larger class of feudal retainers, whose job is to contain and, where possible, destroy the pro-science, pro-industrial humanist conspiracy. These are the enemy of the republic. To them science is necessarily anathema; progress is anathema. It is these retainers whose job it is to whip up the most backward, the materially and culturally deprived, into a frenzied anti-science mob. Ted Kennedy, who openly supports the Ayatollah Khomeini, is just such a lackey of his aristocratic British in-laws; Jane Fonda is another.

But these are merely the puppets. Behind them are the puppet masters, the evil geniuses of unfolding horror. And although not every puppet master is a Jesuit, the Society of Jesus has, over the past 500 years, been the key institution deployed by the oligarchy to carry out its attack on progress.

The Jesuits' Science Of Subversion

A series of feature articles by Criton Zoakos that appeared in the biweekly newspaper New Solidarity in November exposed the current role of the Society of Jesus in Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. In the articles, titled "Societas Jesu: The Intelligence Outfit the Pope Must Clean Out," Zoakos identifies the Jesuits as a political-intelligence organization which is only nominally religious. Along with British and Israeli intelligence, it is one of the main controllers of present-day terrorism; Khomeini's Islamic fundamentalism and the Muslim Brotherhood are only offshoots of the Jesuit Order's "Liberation Theology."

The insidious Jesuit attack on science exemplifies their method in its entirety. Destabilization operations in the Middle East are a cover for the fraud of a global energy shortage. Similar terrorist operations in the West create a climate in which the suppression of nuclear energy development becomes acceptable. Solar energy and "appropriate" technologies for the underdeveloped nations, such as windmills, are promoted, Cult operations such as Sun Day are introduced.

The Jesuits, who are nominally pro-science, cover this with the fraud of "relative science." In other words, each culture is to have its own appropriate science. It is not appropriate for the developing nations to learn about nuclear energy; they need only understand windmillism. It is inappropriate for their leaders to eradicate superstition; this is the proposed appropriate "scientific outlook" for the Third World. Through this sleight of hand it becomes "racialist oppression" to bring Western culture, with sits included standard of living, to the "colonies." Liberation Theology is born.

The Society of Jesus, since its inception, has been an instrument used by the oligarchy to deceive and control the sheep. The Jesuits have just been openly admitted to China, but they have been "playing the China card" since the sixteenth century, when they opened missions there as well as in Latin America. Except for the forces grouped around Sun Yat-sen, China has been an evil, backward peasant despotism for centuries. China is and has been the model for the oligarchs who wish to replace industrial capitalism and urban civilization with a new Dark Age. Maoism, merely the modern name for this age-old Chinese system, was introduced into Europe before the French Revolution by the Society, which was the almost unique source of information about China, where their missions were well entrenched.

Physiocratic theory, the idea that all value comes from the land rather than from man's productive industry and improvements on the land, is merely one offshoot of this. Quesnay, physician to Madame Pompadour and the leading physiocratic economist, in fact authored a book titled Despotism in China. Voltaire, the ideologue of ]Jacobinism, although an atheist, was Jesuit educated. Not only did he politically defend the Society, but he was the leading French Sinophile of the eighteenth century. What else were the hideous excesses of the Jacobin mobs in the French Revolution but Maoism?

The Society, an agency of the Genoese and Roman "black nobility," was formed by Ignatius Loyola in the early sixteenth century as a direct counter-deployment within the Church to the humanist Catholic networks of Nicholas of Cusa and Erasmus. However, they soon extended their sway to the nominally Protestant opposition. Thus William Cecil's nephew, the infamous pederast Francis Bacon, merely translated his Advancement of Learning from the work of a Jesuit, Father Anthony Possevino--although in typical style he failed to acknowledge his "borrowing." British empiricism is merely another ugly offshoot of the Society.

The evil ability of the Jesuits, chameleon-like, to penetrate every pore of society was noted by our own President John Adams in a letter to Thomas Jefferson. Wrote Adams:

"I do not like the reappearance of the Jesuits. Shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only a king of the gypsies can assume, dressed as printers, writers, publishers and school masters? If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of Loyola. Nevertheless, we are compelled by our system of religious toleration to offer them an asylum."

Aristotelian Brainwashing

Today a full 20 to 25 percent of all Jesuits in the world operate in the United States. Among the major U.S. educational institutions run by the order are Fordham University, Notre Dame, Loyola University, Georgetown University, Saint Joseph's College in Philadelphia, Canisius College in Buffalo, and a string of "Ignatius Loyola" colleges and secondary schools across the country. While a lay student with the Jesuits can finish his education at the age of twenty-five, the typical member of the Society continues his education until he reaches the age of thirty-three.

Since its formation, education has been a major concern of the Society, for obvious reasons. While the secret indoctrination given to members of the Society can only be inferred from the writings of Loyola, which are rife with descriptions of self-immolation, and from the cult practices attendant upon the terrorist activities spawned by Liberation Theology, the Jesuits themselves document that everyone who passes through a Jesuit educational institution is effectively brainwashed,

The intellectual life of the Society was and is premised on the revival of the Aristotelian method. Loyola and the Educational System of the Jesuits, written in 1892 by Father Thomas Hughes, a Jesuit teaching at St. Louis University, describes classes in which only seven sentences from Aristotle are the subject of a two-and-a-half-hour class. These sentences are read, reread, and discussed word by word. This method of teaching was established in the Ratio Studiorum in 1599 and has been the Society's pedagogical guide since. Not only are the works of Aristotle studied exhaustively, but the general method of study is thoroughly Aristotelian. It is prohibited to discuss philosophy in a literature course, or moral theology in a class on canon law. In general, students read only one book in any given course, so as to "focus their concentration." In other words, the process of concept formation is deliberately, destroyed, and students are programmed through rote repetition.

This is justified by the false claim that at the end of his course the student will synthesize the various subjects he has learned in order to obtain a coherent overview. Since Jesuit education can begin in the secondary school and extend beyond a person's thirtieth year, such training has the effect of destroying a person's ability to reason for the rest of his life. It inclines its victim to accept discipline without thought, or in other words, to become a moral cripple. It was the moral cripple Aristotle, of course, who attempted the spiritual assassination of Plato, and carried out the actual murder of Alexander the Great for putting Plato's political program into practice. It has been adherents of the Aristotelian epistemology, both before and since the historical Aristotle, who have deployed to destroy the humanist conspiracy.

The Jesuit educational system is merely a continuation of medieval Aristotelian scholasticism. The 1599 Ratio maintains the study of rhetoric as an important discipline and emphasizes the role of disputation. On one level this is a continuation of the sophistical method of Socrates' and Plato's enemy Isocrates. The student is taught to tear holes in an opponent's argument without regard to any criterion of truth. The aim is to deny the existence of truth and natural law as criteria for practice. In this sense, sophistry and the British empiricism created by Bacon are one and the same. This debating-team approach typical of universities in the sixteenth century and carried over by the Jesuits--is a key feature of the so-called modern Delphic method, which takes its name from the opinion-molding practices of the priests of Apollo who ran the oracle at Delphi. The idea is to manipulate a population to adopt opinions considered desirable by the priesthood. It is a form of mass brainwashing,

The debate, or disputation, trains the future Delphic priest, the Jesuit, to shape arguments from any point of view. Therefore he becomes adept at co-opting the arguments of an opponent in order to subtly reshape them to his own ends. To the sheep mysticism is made to sound plausibly like humanism. This has always been a key feature in the Aristotelian deployment. Aristotle himself was sent to infiltrate Plato's Academy by the Delphic priesthood. What else but a Delphic operation is the development of pseudo-religions, cults in the name of religion? The Jesuits are infamous for their ability to "shape" Christianity in the guise of tribal cults. Even more pernicious is their attempt to turn Christianity into a primitive religion. The work of self-styled anthropologist and Jesuit priest Teilhard de Chardin is exemplary in this regard.

Chardin was involved in the Piltdown man hoax, in which, the bones of an ape and a recently dead man were stained, spliced together, and passed off as "ape man." While he pretended to offer a scientific Christian alternative to Darwinian "materialism," he was neither Christian nor scientific, nor essentially different from Darwin. Darwin's work was in fact merely pseudo-scientific drapery for Herbert Spencer's Malthusian justification for the nineteenth-century Dark Ages policy of the British oligarchy. (Spencer's survival-of-the-fittest policy was published before Darwin's writings.) Chardin accepts survival of the fittest as a motor-force of evolution, but includes within it a tendency within evolution for the growth of "psychic energy," as demonstrated by the evolution of consciousness. Chardin's "Christian" answer to Darwin is that man is evolution which knows itself. He then goes on to assert that the final end of this evolution, the end of the biosphere itself, will be the dematerialization of mankind into a concentration of psychic energy. In this parody of Neoplatonic Christianity, he acknowledges the positive value of science only to subsume it under mystical gibberish. Writing in 1938, he expresses sympathy for Nazi race theories.

How different is this from the occultist notions of the Ayatollah Khomeini, who vows that 35 million Iranians will martyr themselves joyously? This is the ideology of Jonestown, the evil of Manichean Satanism which St. Augustine fought. The Aristotelian force, "psychic energy," is the occult motor of evolution, precisely as Aristotle presents it in his Physics and Metaphysics. Psychic energy is the crude Delphic substitution for the moral responsibility facing man to live according to the dictates of reason. Not surprisingly, Chardin sees a "nonmaterialistic" fascist collectivism as the stage which will precede the final destruction of the human race.

Yet many otherwise good people who are horrified by kook occultism accept Chardin as a bona fide Christian humanist! The same charlatanry is at the bottom of every Delphic operation. How many Jews are taken in by the cult of Zionism? How many Moslems blush for the outrages of the irreligious Muslim Brotherhood because they accept its bonafides as the religion of Muhammad? In forthcoming issues of this magazine, we will continue to expose the Jesuit operations and every other Dark Age force. In this issue we begin that exposure most effectively by offering the only true English-language translation of Plato's Timaeus. Even in the deliberately distorted versions of Plato's works, such as the translations by Oxford "scholar" Jowett, it is possible to find a clear and beautiful statement of man's essential humanity, of the universality of science and natural law.

Truly translated, the Timaeus is a call which cannot go unanswered today. Be a golden soul. No less is demanded if mankind is to survive. Carol White



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