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Rockefeller's 1984-Plot

by L. Marcus (Lyndon LaRouche)


from the Feb-March 1974 edition of The Campaigner (15 MB PDF image file)
Page numbers of source included to facilitate verification.


p 5L

Hard evidence of CIA brainwashing and conspiracy to effect assassination, and equally firm evidence of a massive effort to prevent investigation of these facts, has enabled the labor Committees to detect the main features of an enormous Rockefeller-directed CIA plot to impose 1984-style totalitarian government in the U.S.A. and Great Britain during early 1974.

We shall define what we mean by the term "brainwashing" and then present an account of the essential evidence as we have developed it.



"Brainwashing," as we define it here, is an international crime under the Nuremburg Law. This crime is today widely practiced in the U.S.A. in particular, not only by the intelligence services themselves, but with the complicity of agencies ranging from the World Bank through the National Institute of Health, and including major universities and medical institutions. Furthermore, evidence of this crime is no secret; much of the evidence needed to identify and convict these new Nuremburg criminals is openly available in material published in the public domain!

For purposes of general definition there is a virtual

p 5R

boundary line at which the clinical diagnosis of ''extreme coercive influence'' ends and the diagnosis of "brainwashing" begins. Brainwashing as we use the term here, signifies a qualitative change in the mental processes of an individual, as precise as the distinction between mere neurosis and a hardened paranoid-schizophrenic condition.

In the neurotic individual, or in the instance of the person still fitting the diagnosis of ''extreme coercive influence," the individual's inner sense of self, his sense of "I-ness,'' controls his external or socially-manifest behavior through a mechanism of adjustment and disguise we term the "persona.'' In the specifically brainwashed individual, the "sense of I-ness'' has effectively lost control of the social use of the body; speaking, seeing, hearing. touching tasting, smelling, as well as general bodily movements are under virtually total control of an internalized authority entirely alien to the sense of "I-ness." To the extent that the "brainwashed" individual is aware of "I-ness,'' his Ego is an immobilized prisoner within the living tomb of its own body, the body controlled almost entirely by an alien authority.

For example, until brainwash victim Christopher R. White was able to release himself from such control, he had lost the ability to distinguish colors, to smell, and, according to several simple tests conducted, had suffered substantial impairment of use of his other perceptual powers. Immediately after remission from the brainwashed condition, all these lost perceptual powers immediately returned to him.

In the case of the individual subjected to extreme coercive influence, but not yet clinically "brainwashed,'' there is a crude symptomatic resemblance to brainwashing in the anxiety with which the individual adapts his behavior to the actuality or fear of "aversive'' conditions. These adaptations may have even become habitual through "conditioning;" but the adaptation still falls into the category of "protective coloration,'' a form of attempted defense of the sense of ''I-ness." In the brainwashed individual, the Ego has become essentially dissociated from the criteria controlling socially manifest activities of the body, etc.

Although hypnotism was probably employed as part of the conditioning of the cases we identify here, the writer has no direct knowledge of hypnosis. Insofar as hypnosis may be involved, the writer has accepted the account given by professional literature and more directly by psychiatric specialists who examined victim White. The principal features of the cases to be considered are the results of what is known as ''programmed behavioral modification," of which the White case typifies the most

p 6L

elaborate and sophisticated example from the standpoint of the professional literature in the public domain.

For purposes of discussion we classify the victim's condition according to the resulting state in which he would be clinically encountered as a "product of brainwashing.'' If we include "extreme coercive influence'' as a relevant category as virtual "pre-brainwashing,'' we have the following general categories of crimes perpetrated upon the victims:

1. Pre-Brainwashees: significant "behavioral'' or "attitudinal'' alterations induced by environmentally psychoneuropharmacological, psycho-surgical "conditioning.''

2. Functional Brainwashing: Functional alteration of the victim's mental processes, accomplished with or without the aid of convulsive electroshock, etc.,

in the course of conditioning.

These are of two main clinical types with respect to mental state at the time of examination. The "normal'' form is the programmed individual actively in the dissociated state for which he has been conditioned. The second, more difficult, case for examination is the individual, who is "waiting'' for the proper signal to be "activated" into the "programmed state'' (roughly analogous to the individual carrying a compulsion to act upon a "post-hypnotic suggestion").

Functional brainwashing cases fall into two broad types according to the effects of the methods of conditioning employed.

(a) "Skinnerian": This is the crudest variety of brainwashing or aversive conditioning, in which the victimized individual is reduced to some degree of autism (de-personalization), habituated to respond idiotically according to induced habits of response according to similarity of functional environment as the dominant stimulus. This crude cognition-damaging form of brainwashing is suited to factory slaves doing unskilled repetitive labor.

(b) ''Pavlovian'': This is true "brainwashing,'' in which control of individual behavior is made subject to a specific kind of external social authority, and in which the individual's dissociated ''persona'' is given one or more surrogate social identities in addition to the specific task/response conditioning.

The White case exemplifies the most sophisticated variety of ''Pavlovian'' conditioning; he was conditioned both to carry eight distinct alternative persona pseudo-identities and to operate in an "infinite'' loop among

p 6R

several of these identities as the terminal phase of his assigned sequence of behavior in programmed state.

3. Organic: In this case, which may combine functional brainwashing, the victim is controlled in whole or part through continued drugging, psycho-surgical alteration and/or brain implants.

The current and probable uses of these various types of coercive conditioning and brainwashing should be briefly considered as relevant to understanding the cases experienced by the Labor Committees.

The "Skinnerian'' method is being employed in several manufacturing firms and other locations. However, it is so destructive of mental abilities that it will probably be used only for ghetto victims and other unskilled-labor-slaves at the terminal end of the labor- recycling process. Not accidentally, we most frequently encounter Skinnerian types of mind destruction in the Imamu Baraka school and similar programs of "educational reform'' aimed at ghetto youth.

The Pavlovian method, applied to produce a single pseudo-identity for the persona, is the most effective (from the standpoint of the CIA cabal) for semi-skilled labor, radical youth leaders, etc. The destruction of the mental powers is less acute than with the use of Skinnerian techniques.

The most costly variety of Pavlovian brainwashing, the case of programmed sequences of multiple psuedoidentities, is useful only for special "military'' applications in which the victim is to be considered expendable. Keeping a victim in a programmed state of this sort must certainly lead to permanent psychosis.

The "organic methods'' are most effective for totalitarian political uses on large populations. Poisoning of water supplies with the psychopharmacological drug, lithium, compulsory dosages of the toxic psycho-drugs of the phenothiazine type, introduction of large-scale compulsory methadone are all effective and cheap methods of reducing large populations to zombie status, and provide a condition in which the subject is more readily functionally brainwashed.

"Psychosurgery" or brain butchery was advocated by some leading surgeons for mass-administration to ghetto blacks after the "Detroit riots,'' and is being rather widely used as a method of destroying the minds of "potentially dangerous'' political leaders. In general, this and other methods of brainwashing are being most widely applied to detected actual or potential leaders among young blacks in various cities of the nation. One of the objectives of CIA organization of ghetto youth gangs his been to apply a method (popularized for the U.S. Navy by "Nazi Doctor'' Nathan S. Kline) to force out the determination of potential leaders in the black ghetto,

p 7L

and then submit those leaders to brainwashing - or imprison or kill them.

Other methods developed or widely used by CIA brainwashing specialists are "leaderless group'' sorts of "t-group sessions," "primal scream therapy'' and other anti-psychoanalytical "small group dynamics'' semi-Pavlovian techniques which tend to produce neuroses and psychotic disturbances up through the point of actual brainwashing.



All these methods are already in widespread pilot use - prisoners, ghetto youth, welfare organizers, and New Left leader-types being among the most frequent victims so far.

The development and spread of these Nuremburg crimes originates around the person and influence of Dr. John R. Rees and the Rockefeller-sponsored Tavistock Institute of London. Beginning in the OSS during the war, and the collaboration with Nuremburg criminal Rees by such notables as Kurt Lewin, B.F. Skinner, Nathan S. Kline, and numerous others, these criminal forms of sociology and psychology spread from Tavistock throughout the U.S. under direct and indirect CIA influence and control. The Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan is a leading CIA center for criminal methods of "social work," where the "Vietnam Hamlet'' and workers' "co-participation'' forms of counterinsurgency were largely developed.

The chief U.S. agency for openly coordinating brainwashing and related crimes is the National Institute of Health and its Nuremburg-criminal-infested subsidiary, the National Institute of Mental Health. Major medical centers and universities are directly engaged in these Nuremburg crimes: the University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, the State University of New York, as well as the hideous network of Nuremburg criminals in the complex coordinated by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School is an example of a coordinating center for projects whose funding-conduits into the School itself are as follows. At the top is the World Bank (Robert McNamara), which conduits through the Ford Foundation (Rockefeller's McGeorge Bundy), which conduits through the CIA's local LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration), which conduits through the National Institute of Health. Out of Wharton runs a hideous complex of research, experiment, teaching, and ap-

p 7R

plications, with most of the applications directly coordinated with the CIA's local Philadelphia operations, especially through the CIA's LEAA operation.

The Labor Committees are compiling a map of the nationwide network of coordinating centers and brainwashing facilities already ready for operational use against ghetto youth, workers, and college youth. The capacity of these criminal institutions is now enormous - ready to swing into large-scale operations.

Apart from the fact that so many of the government, corporate, university, and medical officials involved are obviously Nuremburg criminals, there is also a larger body of criminals awaiting indictment and prosecution in the form of judges (who sentence victims to behavioral modification facilities), social workers (who refer victims to such behavioral modification), psychologists (who either collaborate in the crime or knowingly gather psychological profiles for use by the perpetrators), and factory superintendents and foremen who collaborate in behavioral modification programs. (The Labor Committee is committed to compiling a list of these criminals and their crimes. with the intent of bringing all the perpetrators and their accomplices to Nuremburg proceedings.)

Most important is the state of mind of the medical and other professionals who develop and apply such hideous practices. Are they outright criminals or merely criminally insane? In either case, it is obvious that any medical person or psychologist who practices or advocates programmed behavioral modification has violated the Nuremburg ethic and is otherwise in- competent to diagnose mental states or practice medicine in any form. We intend to enforce the obvious conclusion. We are also alert for those medical practitioners guilty of the malpractice of prescribing convulsive electroshock or other mind-destroying or "personality altering'' programs allied to those employed in brainwashing.

Most relevant to the cases under immediate consideration, the "theory of mind'' espoused by the brainwashers is utterly incompetent. This fact has admittedly been noted by some competent psychoanalysts and others, many of whom therefore mistakenly argue that such an incompetent theory could not work. Therefore, some specialists mistakenly argue, "There is no such thing as brainwashing."

Such professionals must take into account the fact that the person who wields a hammer against the skull of another may indeed have the most incompetent view of the order of mental processes. Despite the fact that the theory of mind outlined by Dolphin-man Lilly or "Nazi Doctor'' Nathan S. Kline is contemptibly incompetent,

p 8L

their brainwashing methods do succeed pragmatically in point of fact.

What happens (Cf. the writer's preceding articles on the "new psychoanalysis) is that the sense of self (e.g., what is normally regarded as the Ego) develops an encystment in a manner not unlike the development of psychosis, as a kind of protection against unendurable circumstances. It simply does not happen in the manner that the pseudo-scientific quacks of "artificial intelligence'' and "bio-computer'' factions imagine it does. Inside the chitinous shell of psychotic persona there is, "sleeping'' or aroused, an existing sense of "I-ness" looking outward on the world through a body that has become its living tomb.

As the cases of Konstantin George and Christopher White demonstrate in particular, if that inner sense of self can be reached, supported, and assisted by allies outside the body, this "inner self" is capable of developing the knowledge and strength to release itself from the living prison of its alien-controlled body. This is the aspect of both of these cases which both mystified and infuriated the CIA and its specialists; they pathetically believe that the human mind is nothing but a programmable bio-computer, whose contents can be secured by "key and code'' in essentially the same fashion as one user of a shared central computer facility locks away his private data from access by intruders tapping that same computer.

As to exactly how we approach "de-programming'' a victim of these "Nazi Doctors" the scientific basis for that will be specified in our forthcoming treatment of the fallacies in the outlook of Dr. R.D. Laing - a most relevant matter respecting the lesser faults of the Tavistock crew - their incompetence.



The essential principles of "Pavlovian'' brainwashing are identical with those studied during and after the Korean War, with one important qualification to which we will return attention very soon.

Modern brainwashing requires the following equipment:

(1) One secure tiltable, swivelable, high-backed chair, with arm rests, foot support, and stout restraining straps.

(2) Attached to the head of the chair, one set of binaural earphones suitable for use for periods of one to two hours and straps to secure the earphones in place despite subject's efforts to dislodge them.

(3) One slide projector and screen, "preferably" of

p 8R

a stereo type for image-projection to each eye independently.

(4) Psychopharmacological repertoire and miscellaneous small pieces of medical equipment.

(5) Subject's psychological profile and on-line connection to a computer controlling audio and visual input.

(6) Hypnotist.

(7) Small objects to be used as props.

(8) Two or three trained operators and attendants.

It is not necessary to have electro-shock equipment, since drugs exist to simulate this. (Why use a costly, bulky power-supply, etc., when a syringe will suffice and leave a smaller trail?)

With this equipment, the CIA's Nazi Doctors can effectively simulate conditions way beyond those obtained under months of programmed conditioning in a Korean prisoner of war camp. The victim can be treated for two hours or more each day, two to four days a week, and sent home each day with his memory blocked against inadvertently remembering what has occurred and unable to resist returning to further treatment at his next appointment.

In the case of Christopher White, which involved a sophisticated program, White was subjected to fifty-two days of "conditioning,'' ranging from three to eight hours a day, and usually between three to five hours, four days a week for the period from Sept. 17 through Dec. 18, with a "final touch'' of programming and drugging (to induce psychotic symptoms) on Dec. 27th. In the case of William Engdahl, we have located only five weeks (during July and August) during which he was programmed in Chicago, a less ambitious program, but one on a victim who had been previously programmed by the CIA in Sweden in late 1969. In the case of Konstantin George, we know that he was conditioned by the CIA at least once in either late February or early March, conditioned by the East Germans on several weekends beginning April 6, 1973, and given a month of conditioning during July, 1973. In other cases, such as members of NAG (the "New Alternatives Group'' of CIA-controlled former LC members), we have only been able to estimate the approximate period of their basic brainwashing by the CIA.

There is an element of remaining uncertainty on our part concerning the total number of days victims have been subjected to CIA treatment of one sort or another apart from the basic brainwashing job. In each case, except for the case of White, there is at least one incident in which the victim was placed under control before his or her actual brainwashing began, and evidence of

p 9L

subsequent contact with his controllers for further reinforcement of control. We are still uncertain of several matters related to the long-term effects of initial control and post-brainwashing contact with controllers.

We are more certain of the effects of a "sleeping'' programmed state on a person who otherwise seems generally normal. The CIA or Tavistock variety of brainwashing job leaves certain small traits evident in the person even when not in programmed state. (For security reasons we are not revealing these flaws in the CIA program at the immediate time.) In addition to those discovered "litmus tests" the brainwashed individual suffers a progressive deterioration in mental powers and an accelerating deterioration in emotional responses. We are also certain that the "Harlow's monkeys'' syndrome applies to human victims: under appropriate stimulus, the victim will turn on individuals identified as CIA agents and kill them if possible. Inside the programmed person, the imprisoned Ego seethes, awaiting the opportunity to break out and kill the CIA controller. This might otherwise be termed the "Billy Budd'' syndrome: the CIA brainwashing victim is effectively controlled in his or her verbal behavior, in which dissociation is most effective. The mere need to use the body for walking, etc., introduces a tendency for remission from control in such "non-verbal'' ("reality principle") behavior. The individual who sits psychotically smiling while obeying the CIA control can, at a certain point lash out and kill the same controller his mouth must obey.

The nature of the actual processes of the human mind is such that brainwashing could not be effectively accomplished by private individuals or small groups within society. Only a government agency can effectively brainwash a victim. What induces the victim to submit to brainwashing is his conviction that he is in the hands of an omnipresent, omniscient power which can effectively and promptly take possession of him anywhere. Thus, the world is made into a controlled environment by the victim's terror of the CIA.

White's tormentors stressed this to the point that we have the strongest circumstantial evidence that either British MI5 or the CIA set off a bomb blast, causing a reported fifty-four casualties, essentially to intensify White's terror to the effect that they "can get you anywhere."

In general, especially on the concluding conditioning days of Dec. 17, and 18, White's programming team warned him that he should not imagine he could escape from them. It was particularly stressed that a New York cop named Finnegan would automatically appear in the case after White reached New York City, and that

p 9R

Finnegan (who "works for us'') would quickly arrange the killing or mind destruction of White should he fail to comply with the assignment.

The bomb business was part of this same pattern. At "school'' on the morning of Dec. 18th (White's last regular day of programming), he was informed that his tormentors had picked up a parcel which his mother had sent him (this was true), but they also showed him another parcel, which they reported to be a book bomb.

We had White draw a diagram of the book bomb in New York, which conformed to such a device according to an expert trained in intelligence.

White was challenged that same time with queries as to what he had done on his way to school that morning. He was shown a photograph of himself standing with two other persons outside a government office off Trafalgar Square, then a slide showing bomb havoc, and slides of police and other persons deployed around what appeared to be a bomb incident. White's Irish ancestry was generously alluded to, together with references to the IRA and the argument that all "you politicos'' are bombers, "aren't you?"

The next morning, Dec. 19th, a bomb blast, injuring a reported fifty-four casualties, occurred in the location shown to White the day before. Obviously, two objectives were reached by the CIA and MI5 through that atrocity. In general, it served as part of the MI5's notorious wave of "IRA'' bomb scares, and also conveniently strengthened the terror which MI5 and the CIA were focussing on White himself.

Bugging ("We will always know what you're doing") and omnipotence (CIA, police complicity), were absolutely essential parts of the terror used to ensure White's continued submission to the program. Indeed, the first day of school, when his interrogation began in the school's medical suite, the discussion focussed on his "life insurance policy."

It works two ways. Provided we break up the power of the Rockefellers, bring the CIA to trial, imprison the Nazi Doctors, and close down the brainwashing factories, many of the victims of functional brainwashing and coercive conditioning will begin to break free and can be completely cured with proper psychoanalytical and related assistance.



Our knowledge of brainwashing as such began abruptly in a small town just outside Dusseldorf, West Germany, last August 1.

About noon that day, we received a telephone call

p 10L

from Konstantin George, telephoning from his regular place of employment, the Benedict School in Cologne.

We had reason to be concerned. During the period of "Mop-Up'' in the U.S.A., George had made repeated trips to East Berlin on many of the weekends from then until the end of May. Ostensibly, he was visiting an East German psychiatrist, Barbara Peper, resident at the Charite Hospital in that city. Then, at the end of June, he had returned to East Berlin with a month's visa.

The writer instructed two members of the European Labour Committees to pick George up and invite him back where we could discuss matters with him at leisure and in reasonable security from any possible KGB interference.

George arrived in an obviously dissociated state. Ordinarily, we would have immediately assumed he was victim of an extreme anxiety neurosis or actual psychosis. The fact that this writer knew George quite well and that this change had been effected in connection with the visits to East Berlin was the only initial evidence we had to suspect that it just might possibly be something other than a functional disorder.

After about two hours of listening to George's initial rehearsed cover story, and some supportive cross-questioning as to details, it became obvious that he had been brainwashed.

How? How could this writer, with no prior empirical or formal knowledge of brainwashing (except of the sort general knowledge of the subject would supply), positively determine so directly that George had been brainwashed?

By listening and making a few carefully-posed questions: George's cover-story was a series of filmstrip-frame-like memories, each recollection connected by a contentions "and then." He neither had any memory to fill in any of the "in-betweens,'' nor could he reverse his account. It was not a memorized speech, either. The words changed, but the picture being described remained the same.

By proving to George that he had been brainwashed, showing this in terms of his story, and by attempting to enlist him as my collaborator in what I am going to do to the bastards who did this to you," referring to our past collaborations, I enabled him to break through momentarily.

Then, reinforced by cigarettes and beer, he drifted into his second cover-story. Then, similarly, a third.

By this time, we were alert to the significance of the cigarettes and the beer. These were obviously "reward objects'' whose use returned him to the control of his programmers. (The skinflint CIA, unlike the more enlightened Staatssicherheitsdienst, offers only cheap

p 10R

cigarettes and no beer to its victims.) We stopped the cigarettes and beer, and George managed to get out enough of the truth between cover-stories layers of filmstrip memories, so that we had the essential features of the problem identified.

Most significant was the date, by which he was to accomplish something and report to East Berlin. That date had no significance but being the time I would be in Milan, Italy, prior to my arrival at the "Rosa Luxemburg'' conference in Reggio Emilia. (Later, we discovered that Sept. 14-16 was the time of my scheduled assassination, and that George was to mark me "from the inside'' for the hit team.) We hustled George back to New York, encouraged by detection of a known DKP agent poking about the premises, and then issued a press release throughout Europe and parts of North America, announcing the blowing of the brainwashing job.

We immediately set several projects into motion. We initiated the formation of a counterintelligence group and operation, for the principal immediate purpose of backtracking the brainwashing of George. We organized a research into "brainwashing'' techniques in both Western circles and Eastern Europe, for the principal purpose of developing information which might be of therapeutic significance in the further treatment of George by specialists. This work prepared us for the next encounter we would have with brainwashing on the evening of Dec. 30.

Counterintelligence work not only confirmed that George had been in East Berlin, but that he had, as he had reported, enjoyed a privileged seating position in the stands for the East Berlin World Youth Festival, where he was visibly in a dissociated state and accompanied by two guards (flanking him) one an official of the East German Ministry of State Security, the other a plain-clothes officer of the SSD.

Equally important, investigations began to peel away the connections of the dramatis personae of the circles that had set George up. Spotting Elizabeth Arlt, a West German national and close (lesbian) friend of Barbara Peper, who led tour groups to Bulgaria, we also uncovered links to British International Socialists and its tiny SAG (Socialist Workers Group). Cross-checking the links we had begun to expose, we uncovered a large-scale network which had been built up as an ostensible KGB operation in the GI and deserter movements developed in Europe during the middle-to-late 1960s. Robert "Bo'' Burlingham (former Weatherman leader and until recently editor of Ramparts) was the ostensible top operative. Either Burlingham had been implicated by the KGB and "turned'' by the FBI-CIA (certainly presently a CIA-controlled person), or he had been a KGB

p 11L

stringer for the CIA from the start. Andrew Kopkind was the individual who appeared with the next-greatest frequency in the immediate network used later against us (from "Alexander,'' palpable Soviet operative to "Bruno'' - Burckhardt Bluem - in Frankfurt and Klaus in the SAG.) Then, the complex network based in Sweden, linked to the Paris-based operation, and the meetings of the Paris group in Kopkind's base in Boston, Mass.

We kept peeling, looking for the final connection which would show how George had been pre-conditioned to develop his "affair'' with Barbara Peper.

That one thing remained unsolved - until Chris White had been deprogrammed. How was George induced to develop this obsessive compulsion for a love-affair with a woman (Barbara Peper) in March when his first meeting with her occurred only on April 6? By the end of the first week of this January, we knew the answer: the CIA had "grabbed'' George and conditioned him to place himself at the disposal of the East German Ministry.

This final piece of the jigsaw puzzle was easily placed. During the spring period George was regularly visiting East Berlin, he was regularly teaching on four NATO bases! Each week he crossed the border to the East, the East German Ministry of State Security was routinely supplying his name (with the name of all other visitors) to the West German and NATO security agencies. Yet George was the only staff member at the Benedict School teaching on NATO bases not required to pass a security clearance! Other indications, from early fall of 1973, has proven that the entire George affair and scheduled assassination were conducted under the eyes and noses of NATO intelligence - without interference.

It is now probable truth that the KGB 9th Department had not had a prior plan for this writer's immediate assassination. However, when the CIA plopped into its lap the individual who would be my closest companion on the European continent, the obvious response had been, "This opportunity is simply too good to miss." Unless we hear from the KGB we will not know what collateral provocations it enjoyed from the CIA on this scheme. It is clear that the CIA intended to have this writer killed, with the KGB taking the credit, by no later than mid-September.



Since White himself has documented essential features of his own case in this same issue, we can limit our- selves to summarizing those special features of the case which have direct bearing on the Rockefeller-CIA plot.

p 11R

In the case of a brainwash victim, especially one who, like White, was given eight distinct pseudo-identities, the testimony of the victim is tainted in the ordinary sense of such evidence. Nonetheless. the statements of such a victim do have evidentiary value on several levels:

1. Programmed behavioral modification of the type to which White was subjected does supply conclusive evidence to the effect, first, that programmed behavioral modification has occurred, and that it is of a form which could be effected only through complicity of either the CIA or KGB.

(a) The crudest but preponderantly indicative evidence of this type is that full remission from what two leading psychiatrists provisionally diagnosed as probable paranoid schizophrenia within days of such diagnosis, and the related clinical history of the victim.

(b) That the subject had, after Dec. 26, suddenly developed eight distinct "schizophrenic'' pseudo-identities.

(c) That the "paranoid'' fantasies included knowledge of childish Russian (with a heavy Ukrainian accent) and childish but fluent German (with a heavy Slavic accent), and that the subject also responded clinically to both KGB and CIA "key and code'' formats. This and related information could not be attributed to fantasy.

(d) That the pattern of personality and sensory changes in the individual during the period of indicated programming corresponded to the broad outlines of the conditioning approach.

(e) That, despite gradual personality changes, there had been no psychotic or related symptoms in the subject's behavior until Dec. 27, and no history of psychological disturbance in the previous life of the individual.

(f) That the patterns of false memory and Jumps from one pseudo-identity to the next corresponded to an artificially induced state of the type appropriate to programmed behavioral modification.

2. Critical portions of the victim's information bearing on the alleged plot itself were corroborated by facts which could not have been known to him:

(a) That the first optional form of assassination was to be made by a seven-man Latin team. Unknown to White, countersurveillance had identified persons keeping the writer's apartment building under surveillance for the preceding two days as individuals known to have been members of the "CAL'' and "MIRA'' "action groups," which


usually operate in "hit" teams of seven persons. We did not know until more than a week later that the individuals identified had transferred to a CIA controlled ''Furia'' group, although the first Police Intelligence Division officer we consulted had suggested "Furia" as the hit team. During the period we also picked up military-type signals in Spanish being broadcast (as determined by crude triangulation) within a half-mile of the premises.

(b) White reported that he had the option of exchanging recognition-triggers, "Charles'' and "Boston," with Alice Weitzman, who he knew as a contact for "alternate resources'' for assassination. Weitzman, who later reported her suspicion that she had been "programmed,'' had been stalking the halls outside the premises White was scheduled to visit, and generally acting in a bizarre fashion immediately prior to and during the period of White's arrival. Later peculiarities of the Weitzman case, including the police department's bringing in Robert Dillon, who had no close connection to Weitzman, to identify Labor Committee members for arrest significantly confirms the circumstantial evidence of Weitzman's state as a brainwashed victim. Other evidence to the same effect was discovered later on.

(c) White identified a telephone number which later ceased operation as his contact to activate the Dec. 31 "hit" by the Latin squad.

(d) White had another telephone number he could not have known in advance to activate the killing of Marcus if Marcus should succeed in deprogramming him. White believed that this number would set officer Finnegan into motion to arrange the killing; the number proved to be that for the New York Police Department, and Finnegan is the suggested CIA-linked member of a special team in the Police Department.

3. After first identifying the assassins and the brainwashers as KGB, White later developed the evidence that the plot was CIA/MI5, information substantially confirmed independently.

(a) British Caledonian Airlines officials issued a succession of contradictory stories and engaged in a number of peculiar actions which indicate "dirty tricks'' by some agency of the British government.

(b) The FBI and the New York Police Department refused to investigate strong evidence of one of the most notorious cases of subversion special operations in the recent decade. although they were repeatedly offered full cooperation.

(c) The CIA alleged in open court through its at-

p 12R

torneys that no brainwashing had occurred. The arrogance of this claim was an obvious attempt to influence the judge in a way calculated to suppress evidence.

(d) The New York Police Department, previously informed of brainwash victims in an assassination plot, acted to place valuable evidence against the CIA in the control of the CIA (the actions of Detective-sergeant Finnegan in the Weitzman case).

(e) Reports have been compiled of concerted action by the CIA to induce the press to suppress coverage of the brainwashing and assassination plot, as well as intensive campaigning by CIA agents and stringers to maliciously discredit the victims, even to the extent that the New York Times and Village Voice, among other press agencies, engaged in naked criminal libel against the victims. Nat Hentoff, identifying himself in alliance with CIA agents Burlingham and Kopkind, conducted a campaign in an effort to dissuade members of a Commission of Inquiry from serving.

(f) Descriptive identification of the Labor Committees was included in a "CIA disclosure'' of a Heathrow Airport bombing plot.

4. The coincidence in timing of the psychotic-type manifestations by Christopher White, William Engdahl, and Alice Weitzman. The evidence is that Engdahl's condition was not only the result of the same general type of brainwashing imposed on White, but that Engdahl's program was designed to mesh with White's to the effect of impelling White to kill his own wife.

5. The most decisive feature of White's evidence was his writing out, while in "programmed state B,'' a set of specifications for a program of behavioral modification of the type he manifested. Not only did he thus show knowledge beyond his capability, but he produced this in a format idiosyncratic to "programmed learning'' of such material. This "print-out'' by White acting as a "programmed biocomputer'' coincided with information he later gave concerning the only day he recalls being tortured for information.

On or about November 25 (his tormentors imposed false dates contrary to ''real time'' on him for each day's "programming experience"). White's day was spent being subjected to torture concerning Marcus's deprogramming of Konstantin George. The burden of the tormentor's inquiry was "That bastard Marcus is no superman; how did he get the key and code to break that East German job?"

This concern of the CIA coincides with. the conceits of

p 13L

the Tavistock crew on the nature of the human mental processes.

There is only one reason the CIA would program White to deliver to me a set of program specifications under certain specific advanced stages of deprogramming. Assuming that I had survived assassination and other prescribed "dirty tricks'' this would be attributed to my skill in "deprogramming" in some fashion still unknown to the CIA's Tavistock-linked "brain trusters,'' it would not be entirely incredible to the CIA that I might possess such skills. I had worked on certain approaches to "metaprogramming'' during the late 1950's and early 1960's, am visibly involved in certain epistemological programs bearing on advanced questions of a related sort, and did succeed in assisting George in freeing himself without any attributable source of "reprogramming key and code'' from East German sources. If I could break through'' this "special job'' of White's eight-layer programming more than part-way, perhaps I actually did have some important capability unknown to them. In that case they would wish to have that knowledge. Otherwise, their instructing White to produce a sketch he could not have invented makes no sense at all.

Later investigations indicated that if I had succeeded, they had intended to abduct (for example, "arrest'') me and kill me at leisure.



According to certain critics of our account, the principal defect in our evidence submitted is that there is no corpse. Contrary to such opinion, the best evidence for the conspiracy we report is that we succeeded in preventing corpses - so far.

Is anyone so gullible as to imagine that if the police and FBI had the slightest hope that this was a hoax, that they would not have "fully cooperated'' in the investigation to discredit us? Or that Paul Montgomery, who lied in the most outrageous fashion - making statements absolutely contrary to his knowledge of the evidence - would not have been delighted on behalf of his CIA-allied employers to indulge the Times audience in full disclosure of the facts (rather than sweeping falsehoods) unless he, like the police, the CIA, and the New York Times, were strongly opposed to any competent investigation.

That is the key to our survival during the first weeks of January. Once we put the story out widely on the streets, any "hit" against the NCLC would have immediately

p 13R

confirmed our warnings. We have prevented crimes by the CIA, FBI, and police by telegraphing their next alternative moves in advance.

There is a limit to this tactic. Eventually, the Rockefeller forces will order some "legal'' frameup or police killings at all costs. We must have the investigations considerably broadened, to the point that we even threaten to upset Rockefeller's Watergate conspiracy against Nixon if any action is taken which strongly confirms our warnings.

Rockefeller and the CIA must really hate our guts now.

There we were, they imagined, a mere pawn to be played as a first move in a game in which the object was to establish 1984-style totalitarian governments in the USA and Great Britain. As we said before: "The pawn bit." We not only foiled the initial assassination plot, but quickly uncovered the real perpetrators. Rockefeller and the CIA know that the Soviet KGB has not only figured out the nature of the CIA plot, but that the KGB is already taking remedial steps to correct the CIA penetration of its organization involved in setting up both the Konstantin George and Dec. 31 operations. There is a growing uneasy suspicion to the effect that the Labor Committees' report may be correct. The New York Times, AP, and UPI are compelled to cover up the major CIA story broken throughout the European press, lest reporting that story give credence to the Labor Committees' charges. If anti-totalitarian forces in the liberal and conservative machines in this country move to counterattack against Rockefeller and the CIA, tile Labor Committees' actions during the first weeks of this year will have contributed at least marginally to the inevitably ensuing breakup of the CIA and the Rockefeller oil cartels.

White's account and other developments suffice to show us the general nature of the Rockefeller-CIA plot.

Firstly, the plot could not have been generated by any combination but the CIA and the Rockefeller-dominated faction of financial interests controlling the world's major petroleum cartels. It is now clear that the plot included the following phases:

(1) The Daniel Ellsberg "Pentagon Papers'' hoax, whitewashing the CIA, beginning to set up Nixon as scapegoat.

(2) The CIA's inside-outside "Watergate'' set-up of President Nixon, probably with the aid of Rockefeller agents inside the Administration.

(3) The blowing of the Watergate "revelations,'' a publicity job pre-cleared through the CIA.

p 14L

(4) The manufacture of the latest Arab-Israeli war as a cover for a massive rise in oil prices and for a phony oil shortage.

The first three set-ups could have been arranged by any powerful financier faction in complicity with its political front, the CIA machinery. The addition of the fourth element, the great oil hoax, supervised by Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger, could not have been pulled off without the complicity of the Rockefeller faction of international finance.

The resignation of Nelson Rockefeller from the New York State governorship for more urgent responsibilities in connection with "Critical Choices." During the same period, it was revealed that Rockefeller had been actively involved in national "internal security matters,'' signifying his approving role in connection with CIA takeover of the FBI, and CIA takeover of police departments through the LEAA. In general, all the clues leading backward from the important dirty tricks afoot in this period lead in the direction of a faction which has one chief common denominator, the Rockefeller name.

Then, the CIA "red scare'' plot planned months earlier, pushing for military government in Great Britain on the basis of a Rockefeller-created oil-shortage crisis. The authors of the CIA plot involving the Labor Committees had to be in cahoots with the faction which engineered the oil-shortage hoax.

There is only one immediate action to be taken with temporary agreement among liberals, conservatives and working people on this particular chore: Bust up the financial power-base of the Rockefeller family and bust up the CIA and LEAA immediately. After that urgent chore is completed, the rest of us can proceed to settle our mutual political differences in a proper political fashion, without any more 1984 horrors hanging over our heads.



The principle important issue in the case has been the allegation that our charges were variously wilful hoaxes or, otherwise. that we lacked the competence to develop the conclusions we offered.

The hoax allegation is easily discredited. This allegation is made by persons and agencies as a pretext for blocking the independent investigations we have requested. In short, the persons charging hoax are either singularly stupid, of suspect motives, or simply hysterical. The proper way to deal with suspected hoaxes is to conduct a competent parallel investigation of the evidence, precisely what we have demanded.

p 14R

As to competence, the only debatable realm of our various competently is that of our skills in "psychoanalytical 'deprogramming' methods." We shall deal with this first.

In broad terms, there is ample evidence of the state in which Konstantin George returned from East Berlin on August 1, and the condition of Christopher White and William Engdahl during the period Dec. 27 through Jan. 6 in particular. There is the evidence that remission was effected in two of the three cases within a short period of time. This procedure is supported by its background documentation in a series of articles published in The Campaigner, in which a scientific basis is adequately established for the methods employed.

This aspect will, in one sense, have to be fought out within the psychological professions. For the short term, we have proposed a compromise approach. We have indicated that numerous accredited psychoanalysts could independently confirm our approach from their own standpoint, and that in certain areas of procedure, some M.D. psychiatrists might well have important competence to contribute otherwise beyond our means. In short, we have proposed to have our methods and procedures reviewed and the evidence independently reexamined by psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and psychologists. This "compromise'' approach would satisfy the requirements for the immediate problem, and leave the broader professional issues of the renew psychoanalysis'' to ongoing scrutiny and subsequent resolution apart from the specific cases themselves.

In this context we should identify and comment upon two incompetent allegations made against us from CIA and other sources.

The first of these, picked up by New York Times reporter Paul Montgomery, is the allegation that we deprogrammed Christopher White by aversive methods of interrogation. Montgomery suggests that even some electro-shock might have been used to this effect. It should be emphasized that such an account is absolutely incompetent. The remarks of Dr. Joost M. Meerloo on "deprogramming'' methods are broadly representative of most recommendations: the efficient prophylaxis and remedy for brainwashing lies essentially within the domain of "love and laughter." Aversive methods must essentially reinforce the problem or reduce the victim to a shambles.

Put otherwise, deprogramming is accomplished by the victim himself, through supportive and related measured which enable the enslaved Ego of the victim to reestablish wilful control of his mouth, eyes, ears, smell, taste, etc. "It's safe for you to come out now;'' "We will share your problem, and will fight your oppressors side

p 15L

by side with you": these are the typical attitudes through which the loving friends of the victim assist him in breaking free of the enslavement.

The second and more luridly self-contradictory allegation, also included in the paradoxical slanders published under the Paul Montgomery byline, is the charge that I "brainwashed'' White (or, from other sources, both White and Engdahl). Interestingly enough, this allegation of special skills (such that I could brainwash a person within a few hours, where it normally requires weeks or months by the most skilled Tavistock types), is usually coupled with the assertion that it is absolutely absurd to suggest that I could deprogram a victim!

In general, the fact remains that hard evidence of the programming of White, George, and Engdahl has been established, and that I supervised the successful remission which occurred quickly in two of these three cases. That is the hard core of prima facie evidence of special competence, evidence supported by the published writings on the "new psychoanalysis.''

Apart from such specific narrower issues, there is a larger issue of credibility which has nothing to do with the issue of brainwashing itself. We shall now consider some frequent reactions by journalists and others.

All these fall under the general heading, "The reason we find it difficult to believe your evidence of brainwashing and assassination plot is because . . . ''

The first of these is, ''It's ridiculous to think that the CIA would go to so much trouble to assassinate you." This is a serious point. Obviously, the easy way to effect an assassination is to stick to the pattern of the John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, George Wallace assassinations and attempted assassinations: the lone, "random" assassination. Any suitable killer, assigned to kill on opportunity, is the ''discreet'' and well-established method for ridding oneself of an individual with the least risk of backtrail to the ultimate perpetrators of the crime. The journalists and others are absolutely correct in suggesting that the object of the attack plot could not be merely my assassination.

The answer becomes clear once we consider what the story would have been if the assassination had been successful. Then we begin to have the matter in the perspective the evidence demands.

The conclusion would have been that the "hit" had been arranged by the Soviet KGB, 9th Department. White's initial cover story and his planned lapse into total psychosis or death, along with the Furia/CAL/MIRA identity of the number-one assassination alternative (the early-morning hit-and-run killing in my apartment) would have left a broad trail

p 15R

back to the KGB. This cover story to account for the assassination would have been made sufficiently credible by the growing intensity and extreme virulence of Communist Party attacks on the NCLC and me since October, 1971, including attacks in East German and Soviet publications, and attacks on the Labor Committees both by West German Communist Party leaders and its now-daily paper, UZ.

It would have added up to a nice little "red scare," implicating the Soviet KGB, the U.S. Communist Party, and the Puerto Rican Socialist Party. Furthermore, I am the only individual in the socialist movement in North America and Western Europe whose assassination could be credibly blamed in this way on the Soviet network.

The elaborate dimensions of the assassination plot make sense only if my assassination were intended as a pawn's move to implicate the Soviets and the PSP in a general "red scare."

We have abundant correlated evidence supporting that judgment. During the same days the initial assassination plot was launched against me, the CIA ''revealed'' a major bomb-terror plot, using individuals "as evidence'' who arrived in England through complicity of U.S. intelligence services. This CIA-"discovered'' plot not only included Soviet material but the reports of the plot included descriptive identification of the Labor Committees. Furthermore, the Heathrow incident was the opening of a campaign to establish the CIA's presence in the United Kingdom as a necessary included remedy for a "red menace'' in that country.

In content and timing, the plotted assassination in New York City would have contributed enormously to the credibility of the CIA hoax which erupted in Great Britain that same week.

The significance of this correlated information is that the same major newspapers and other media which refused to give honest journalistic treatment to the Labor Committees' demand for a competent independent investigation of major crimes were also suppressing coverage of the biggest story to hit Europe in years - the furor about the CIA's ''red scare'' in England. Since the lid was put on the first story by the CIA and the New York Police Department's Intelligence Division, according to a number of key editors and reporters, and since the British CIA scandal was blocked with the aid of the foreign reporting staff (notoriously CIA-infiltrated and controlled) of UPI, AP, New York times, etc., no informed journalist could reasonably doubt either the connection between the two suppressed stories or that this connection provided an extremely probable solution to the problem of the elaborate assassination plot.

Here, however, a second argument against credibility


arises: "What possible reason could the CIA have for doing such things? Why should they risk as much on a caper involving a group so small and uninfluential as your own?"

This sort of question leads into two initially contradictory lines of opinion. On the one side we encounter the journals who say we are unimportant, like the New York Times, which devotes over 2,000 words of front- page coverage to slander us in its Sunday edition! At the other end, we have those who follow the school of Victor "The Weasel'' Riesel, a notorious mouthpiece for the Mesozoic faction of the FBI and intelligence services. Riesel, citing attacks on us by FBI chief Clarence Kelley, insists that we are becoming a "massive'' threat," sufficient danger in ourselves to justify new emergency powers being given to national security forces.

Whichever side of the estimate of our importance per se one chooses, this is a secondary issue. The overriding question respecting the brainwashing and assassination plot is not whether we are important in and of ourselves, but whether we represent a suitable pawn for expandable use in attempting to create a "red scare."

Obviously, the CIA and its accomplices must have covered themselves (at least, by now) for all contingencies. If we had responded in panic and futile desperation, we could have been dealt with in one way. We did not; we might, therefore, become a danger [in?] fact. Now the CIA has the option of attempting to use our accelerating growth in members and influence as plausible evidence that we meet Mr. Riesel's rather paranoid specifications.

This brings our attention to a third and more powerful argument. "If there is such evidence of a "red scare" plot, then your evidence of brainwashing is all the more incredible to me, since it implies that the CIA is now engaged in an effort to impose dictatorship on the United Kingdom and North America. I just can't face the idea of believing that."

On this we have collected, and are still collecting, a mass of evidence. However, large and conclusive this evidence may be in its own right, it still leaves our normal journalist wishing all the more intensely that the entire story could be brushed aside as "simply incredible." At this point, our most essential competence comes into consideration: our extremely advanced competence in political economy.

For a period of approximately fifteen years, this writer and his collaborators have elaborated an analysis of the internal dynamics and prognoses for capitalist development, analyses which have been given overwhelming and virtually unique empirical vindication, as predictions, over the entirety of the most recent eight

p 16R

years. This area of special competence, which seems the most abstract to the layman and usual journalist, pertains to the most important and hardest evidence of all.

The problem confronting every student of history, especially current history, is to keep his analytical perspective focused away from petty conspiracies, etc., and to recognize that conspiracies in and of themselves cannot determine the course of history. The analyst must break free of the naive empiricist conception of history. He must, that is to emphasize, avoid all accounts of history which purport to explain the course of major developments as a kind of sum of autonomous local events, or, otherwise as a kind of "statistical'' consequence of autonomous (if interacting) "molecular'' movements within a mass of individuals and parochial institutions. Conspiracies of real significance to the course of history derive their origins and substance from broad movements whose principal features are substantially independent of the will of any particular set of conspirators, however powerful those conspirators may be

There is nothing incredible about the current CIA plot once the plot is set against the background of political economic developments over the period of the late 1960's and early 1970's. The capitalist sector of the world entered a period of breakdown of its postwar monetary system during the summer of 1971, and it has been careening from one band-aid short-term remedy to the next ever since, all the while the underlying long-term stability of the system has been eroding at an accelerating rate.

For economic reasons, as we have repeatedly discussed in ample detail before this present time, the capitalist system is moving rapidly toward the point that it has no alternative for its continued economic stabilization but the political remedies of fascism. In the ordinary course of events, such a capitalist alternative would have to wait until mass-based fascist movements have been developed. This would normally occur under conditions of months of continued mass unemployment, etc., and would probably require about two or three years more - although perhaps significantly less - to bring the world of economic wreckage to the political condition in which fascist governments would become the uniquely determined alternative to socialism for the capitalist class.

The present plot, which could not have been organized apart from the financier faction associated with the Rockefellers, thus represents an attempt to short circuit the process of developing mass-based fascist movements. The premise upon which the assumed feasibility of such


a plot depends must be the assumption that Tavistock CIA technology in "social control'' and "brainwashing'' permit the plotters to impose a 1984 version of fascism from above. Viewed in such terms, the conception of the plot as we now know of it makes historical sense. As we have previously indicated, the general conception of "fascism from above'' is an unscientific blunder, a potential super-"Bay of Pigs'' blunder, on the condition that there are effective forces in motion to exploit the fallacy of the plotters' conceptions. Whatever the flaws in the conception, it is a plot which would have sufficient credibility to the desperate Rockefeller-faction circles for them to commit themselves to its implementation.

In all analyses of evidence, as in psychoanalysis, the final test of evidence and judgments is the unreality principle": can such evidence, such judgments, correspond to the real world taken as a whole?

Admittedly, insofar as these matters are introduced into court proceedings, or before Commissions of Inquiry, we are obliged to limit the statement of the case to a very narrow realm of evidence involving only the facts of brainwashing and the assassination plot itself. This is an admissible and necessary concession to prevailing "rules of evidence." However, although the ordinary layman falsely imagines that such fragmentary approaches to hard evidence are preferable, he is mistaken - badly mistaken.

The ultimate disproof of all error and all hoaxes is located in the tests of coherence. Even the experienced tax auditor has some experience with this problem: it might seem that auditing a company's isolated accounts is the proper test of their validity; actually, it is cross-checks and reconstructions concerning all the purchases and disbursements in the total environment of the individual firm which represents the only conclusive determination of the separation of reality from fiction. The fearful flight into incredulity on the part of reporters and others with respect to the firmly-established hard-core facts in this case shows the same principle. They doubt the evidence not so much because they have any basis for reasonable doubts concerning the evidence itself, but because the very existence of that evidence implies necessary judgments about their entire world which they are ill-prepared to face. Only when the full implications of the matter, the Rockefeller-CIA plot itself, are brought into view does there exist sufficient proof for the plotters' actions in the brainwashing and assassination plot.

The ultimate solution to the hysteria-motivated doubts of some journalists and other people will be provided by a special kind of evidence, the strongest evidence one

p 17R

might imagine.

There are two general classes of intelligence. One of these classes is, relatively speaking, static: the collection of evidence left laying about to be picked up. The second class is the dynamic sort obtained by "tactical reconnaissance.''

By organizing masses of workers to stop the Rockefeller energy and hoax-plots and planned chaos, by organizing to expose the CIA's Law Enforcement Assistance Administration plans to create ghetto riots early this year, by exposing the fraud of the "Pentagon Papers'' and the CIA's "Watergate'' hoax, we shall force the enemy into the open and thus expose the vast network of conspirators and their plots and sub-plots.

Busting up the Rockefeller cartels, busting up the CIA, liquidating the LEAA operations, closing down the brainwash factories, and bringing the arbitrators to a Nuremburg trial, will produce all the evidence anyone would possibly require. The "evidence'' concerning the White-Engdahl cases points toward such efforts; but the efforts should be made anyway. The Rockefeller-engineered energy hoax is sufficient evidence for such actions.



Finally, we have to summarize the KGB angle in the George and White cases. The full story will not be known until either the Soviets or members of Allied intelligence services make appropriate disclosures. At this time, certain broad judgments can be firmly stated, judgments which seem to cover the matter for all present practical purposes.

In both instances, especially the two incidents taken together, we have a picture of a very efficient and extensive CIA penetration of the Soviet KGB. Without such penetration, the simulation of total KGB responsibility probably could not have been arranged. It was necessary for the CIA, in the George case, that the KGB be disposed to take advantage of the victim sent to them by the CIA. In the White case, it was necessary for the CIA that certain parts of the Soviet apparatus emit rather lurid literary attacks and assume hooligan postures toward the Labor Committees at precisely the time the assassination was planned to occur. It was more urgent in both cases, that the CIA be certain that the KGB would not detect the real nature of the operation in time to exploit that knowledge.

There is another related matter which is somewhat speculative, although indications weigh heavily towards its validity.

p 18L

We had assumed that the KGB-originated charges that the Labor Committees were "CIA-sponsored'' groups were entirely fictitious libels of the sort formerly developed against Leon Trotsky and others. This was undoubtedly the case up through early August, 1973. However, on the basis of information developed in the White case, it appears that CIA penetration of KGB circles developed the view that I had somehow secured deprogramming information for use with George from certain unknown channels. The CIA was particularly concerned to discover the (non-existent) channels through which such technical information had been obtained. It must be reasonably assumed that the East Germans and KGB drew parallel but opposite conclusions.

To the best of our knowledge, the dominant schools of both East and West, essentially Pavlovian behaviorists, deny the existence of those essential features of mental processes on which the "deprogramming'' procedures were premised. To admit that the "deprogramming'' of George and of White was accomplished without access to "secret technical information'' implicitly concedes that the dominant behaviorist schools of the USSR and the West are essentially bankrupt in every principal respect. No doubt some KGB and Tavistock CIA officials now share the consoling delusion that we somehow obtained the essential information from the Chinese intelligence service.

In this matter, considering the intensive surveillance


of all our member activities by the CIA must at least strongly suspect that Marcus's theory of the mind, grounded in German critical philosophy, and the Tavistock crew and its CIA employers would be desperately concerned to prevent the psychoanalytic community in the West from actively investigating the cases at hand.

In any case, the Soviet KGB has substantially benefitted from the CIA penetration of the KGB net- work, much of that penetration was implicitly blown by the Labor Committees' announcements, and a corresponding number of variously colored pins must be dropping from some big wall-map in Langley, Virginia.

The Rockefeller-CIA plot, which amounts to sabotage of the Brandt-focused detente and the discrediting of Henry Kissinger's - if not Nixon's - offerings, has now alerted the Soviet leadership to the real temper and intentions of the dominant financier faction, at the same instant Rockefeller has created a crisis in relations between his forces and the Euro-Japanese forces. The Communist Parties are already shifting toward a more leftward posture than during last summer and fall, narrowing the Popular Front toward a crude approximation of an actual working-class united front tactical outlook. This does not represent a change in Moscow's political nature, but emphasizes a facet of its character which is sometimes lost sight of during its opportunistic seizures.

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