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On the Track of My Assassins

by Christopher White


from the February-March 1974 issue of The Campaigner
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The very fact of the existence of this article, the very effort of creating it, will send shivers, premonitions of terror down the spines of several of the world's leading so-called "intelligence" agencies, the USA's CIA, Great Britain's MI-5 -- not to mention either Shinn Beth or the KGB. It will confuse various police departments, and related crime prevention and detection agencies. The reason for this will become clear as the argument is developed. At this point it is only necessary to say that of the above will recognise the truth of the content of this article. Yet to this date no assassination has been committed.  L. Marcus, my wife Carol and I are all still alive and enjoying the best of health. These agencies will understand when we say that the best wav to prevent an assassination is to detect it in advance-- and say so.  

Journalists, and related professionals from the middle classes, like lawyers, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, potential financial supporters and others, will find the truth rather more difficult to believe. "Give us evidence, hard detailed evidence," they will cry, "otherwise we won't believe you, we'll pretend it isn't true." In the face all the evidence they will fly off to seek solace somewhere away from the real world. Yet increasingly, they are faced with the reality of my case, and with the  

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presently unfolding depression politics of the ruling class, they will find that they cannot just dismiss what we tell them to be true -- no matter who tells them what to print, or say, or do. Even they will find that we do not need to produce the ultimate in cold, hard facts a dead body -- to prove our case.  

For workers, the matter is different. Among the approximately six to seven million who are presently reached by our propaganda in the USA alone, there are no such difficulties. They are not, by and largehelpless victims of their own scepticism. More important, however, every moment of their sped-up or otherwise shattered lives convinces them of the truth of what we say and do. Workers, particularly in heavy industry, the unemployed, particularly from the black ghettos, understand the brainwashing affair. They know, implicitly, that "someone" is trying to pull the same kind of trick on them. Now as they queue for gas in stations victimised by the phony fuel crisis, as they hunt for cheap meat in supermarkets hit by the real food crisis, as they report for work in factories which more and more resemble slave-labour encampments, we will tell them just who is responsible for their plight. We will pinpoint the two-legged animals whose rule requires


human beings to degrade themselves. We will expose the rats who plan just how coprophagia [consumption of feces] should be practised and to what degree. And, of course, we will show potential human beings among the working class just how they can become actually human, by organising them to fight self-consciously for human intelligence, and the material conditions of life conducive to expansion of creative intellectual powers.   



That is the key to "Operation Nuremburg." The international Labour Committee tendency is presently detecting, organising against, and thereby preventing, the greatest crime against humanity since people began into pretend that the smokestacks of Auschwitz, Dachau and Belsen did not exist. That is where the track of my assassins leads. Not to pitiable zombies or dupes, like Bob Dillon and Co., who still stand idly at the starter's gate waiting for orders to proceed, and, in the meantime spend their time concocting fairy tales for gullible journalists from such informed newspapers as the New York Times.  

No, this track leads to those who are guilty of planning, funding and implementing the crime of menticide. These butchers, among others and this article will carry on the process of identification begun by New Solidarity researchers Carol Menzel, Vin Berg, and their staff--are properly known by the generic term "Rockefeller's Nazi Doctors." Indeed, the "achievements" of Hitler's pet witchdoctors pale into insignificance beside the efforts of this contemporary collection of psychotic sadists, the exponents of modern mental torture.  

We will deal with them in an approximation of the way the preceding generation dealt with its bogeymen. We will bring them to trial under the "Nuremburg Principle." For such people, if they can be called people, are guilty of the grossest crimes against humanity. They will be hounded out of their practices. The institutions they work for, and in, will be closed down. Their instruments of torture will be destroyed. The resources which are now wasted in such a barbaric fashion will be put to productive use.  

That is the least we can do at this point. If we fail to act now, there will not be another generation to carry out the work.  

That is where the particular chain of evidentiary material to be developed in this article leads. These two-legged rodents are the men who condemned me, and others, to death. They are not, however, interested in me alone. They are after your mind as well. That much,  


and more, will become clear to you as you begin to go seriously through the evidence we will present for investigation in this matter. That is why you will join with us to hunt my assassins down. You know as well as we do that you have no other choice. Your humanity is at stake.  

It is only from that standpoint that the crimes committed against me can be understood. First, however, we must outline the method we will use to demonstrate the case.  

We take hard facts as our starting point.  

The hard, almost indigestible fact is that I was brainwashed. In addition to the material to be presented here, interested readers can obtain transcripts of "deprogramming" sessions from the Labour Committee's national office in New York City. Such individuals are advised that they should consider their responsibilities in this matter. Their support of the independent Commission of Inquiry, which we have requested to be established to examine the evidence, would be more than appreciated. For any honest professional in the field of psychology, psychiatrypsychoanalysis or law, etc., such a step should be automatic. We need your active help and support, not to mention your money.  

From that layer of hard evidence we proceed for the purposes of investigation to a second layer in which the internal evidence provided by the content of my brainwashed state is corroborated by events in the "real" world, independently of my knowledge at that point. This secondary level of evidentiary material takes us to a third layer. Namely, the world in which a variety of capitalist factions are beginning the ruthless battle for survival against a working class which is awakening to political consciousness after its years of ideologised slumber.  

Following that pattern of real thought, we can establish our general thesis.  

For a brief time the Rockefeller-led faction of the capitalist class was planning to use the Labour Committee's international tendency as a pawn in its plan to impose police state levels of austerity and repression on, first, the working class population of Great Britain, and then, with the precedent established, on the population of the United States. The recipe for this manouevre was to have been classically simple: the Red Scare coupled with bomb plots. Prompt Labour Committee action and action in the U.S. itself has repulsed the first moves in this direction. Continuing organising efforts on both sides of the Atlantic will be necessary to prevent a CIA-provoked bloodbath of the British working class. That in essence is the CIA-inspired plot to oust Nixon and establish the reign of Rockefeller through the massive  


application of the behaviour modification technology of menticide.  

Such a thesis will become horrifyingly clear as we proceed. 

No one who examines the evidence presented here with an open mind will be able to doubt the proposition that I was brainwashed during the period of approximately fifty-two days while I was supposedly working for the Inner London Education Authority at the Sir William Collins School in Charrington Street, London NW1. For these purposes it will be sufficient to limit ourselves to an account of what happened to me during the period December 27th, 1973 to January 7th, 1974.   



We begin our account on the day of my first attempt to fly to New York on December 27th, 1973. For investigatory purposes I will limit my account of this and the succeeding days to events which can be confirmed by other people. The reason for this will soon become obvious.  

I left home that morning and took the underground from the local station, Colindale, on the Edgeware branch of the Northern line. At about 9:00 p.m. that evening I burst into Conway Hall in London's Red Lion Square where the European Labour Committee was holding its first year-end conference. In an evident state of shock I told my wife that all the travel plans we had made had been a set-up. The plane's engine had burnt out ten minutes out of the Scottish airport of Prestwick and we had returned to Gatwick. Once there, all the passengers bar three had been transferred by coach to Heathrow airport for BOAC's six o'clock flight. British Caledonian, the airline involved, had booked the three of us myself, a Mr. Paul Walsh and a Mrs. Schroeder--into the Copthorne Hotel. There I had been drugged by Walsh, and had escaped back to London by taxi and train. The whole thing--travel schedule, engine sabotage, etc.--had been arranged to achieve just what I told her.  

We returned home, and in the company of some German comrades from the Executive Committee of the European Labour Committee, I went over the story again. They decided to check. My wife telephoned British Caledonian at Gatwick and told them that she was worried about her husband and asked what had happened to him. They assured her that all passengers had travelled on to New York by BOAC after transfer to Heathrow.  

Then a German comrade telephoned the airport and asked for a list of hotels in the vicinity. Of the twelve or so he was recommended not one was named "The  


Copthorne." By that time, however, we had found a book of matches in my coat pocket which gave the hotel's telephone number. My wife called to ask if she could speak to me and was told that while I had registered, I had left. Mr. Walsh was still in his room.  

That left us wondering: the airline which I claimed had booked me into the hotel said that I was on my way to New York with the rest of the thirty or so passengers from the nearly empty plane. The hotel claimed I had been present. Later, by the end of the first week in January, a further twist was given to this part of the material by a British journalist. He had found the traces of Walsh and Schroeder really easy to uncover and told us that they led straight back to MI5. This disturbed him somewhat, so he suggested that we check once more with the airline.  

This was done by my wife, who was told by the reporter that the pilot of British Caledonian Flight 221 had said that the engine had not burnt out. It was only a minor breakdown, and a return to Gatwick would not normally have been necessary. In New York the President of British Caledonian informed her that no one had travelled on to New York. The hundred or so passengers on the aircraft had all been accommodated overnight at the Copthorne Hotel. This information, in direct contradiction with the airline's earlier story, had been obtained by telephone from Britain. Yet, according to the British reporter the Copthorne Hotel is not used by airlines at all. He intimated that it is a sort of luxury retreat used by the British intelligence services.  

Despite our efforts to cross-check, it has been impossible to establish a coherent picture of what happened that day. Perhaps some passenger from the flight who reads this article could help us out. The airline is obviously no good and should be avoided.  

On the 28th December a New York representative told Ed Spannaus, executive member of the NCLC, "This sort of thing happens two or three times a week," when asked about the alleged kidnapping. Obviously they would argue that it doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you arrive.  

Nonetheless, it is certain that during the course of that day I was given a massive dose of some drug or drugs. For it was from that evening that my mental state began to deteriorate rapidly.  

For example, during the course of the next day I returned to my apartment from the conference at Conway Hall in the company of Steve Pepper, Marcia Merry and "Katya" and "Franz." We were to discuss Steve's flight to New York, which like mine had been arranged by the International Travel Club an outfit recommended by one Don Filtzer, who, it transpires, is probably a dupe of the CIA and had also been


disrupted. The second time Steve told his story, which was not in any way extraordinary, except for a whole series of pettifogging annoyances, I became convinced that my wife was a KGB agent, that she always had been. At that point people in New York were trying to contact her by telephone, but I insisted that we not tell her until we had decided what to do about the situation. The "evening" ended early the next morning (29th) with me telling two British members of the London local the story of Carol's agentry. They believed me, as had the others.  

It was at that point that the decision was taken to bring me to New York. Travel plans began to be made over the next day while I talked to my wife Carol and to "Franz." During that afternoon I met my first emotional road to Damascus, deciding that it was impossible for Carol to be an agent, and that therefore the agent of the group would have to be me.  

These three days established in outline a pattern which was to be maintained over the next week. I was becoming more and more the victim of paranoid fantasies. More and more my mental processes were becoming divorced from my bodily functions. I did not sleep, I barely ate, and that of course merely aggravated the problem as it accentuated the fluctuations in my mental states.   



Yet before we got to New York, the Atlantic had still to be crossed. I travelled in the company of Carol, Steve Pepper, Marcia Merry and Peter Mailand. Before the flight I had stabilised somewhat at a level of functional euphoria; that is to say, I was high, but not out of control. The film show on the flight sent me out of control. It was a disgusting piece of French near-pornography. A vicious murder story set in and near Paris, called the "Trinity." I became fixated on the film, convinced that it was a script for what would happen to us when we landed in New York. Particularly vivid were scenes in which the "hero's" girl friend, a woman at least ten years older than himself, was shot in her car, and scenes in which the "hero" arranged the execution of a rather paternal figure and then committed suicide by taking poison.  

I was convinced that the film was meant for me, and that I had to do something about it. So as we landed at Kennedy I launched a tirade against the CIA, which I claimed was planning to have my wife shot on the way into the city, and intended to dispose of L. Marcus later that evening. This outburst astonished many passengers and upset my wife and companions. Some people, however, listened intently to the kook. I felt better afterwards and was almost able to relax a bit, and blithely joked through immigration and customs. Everyone else, particularly my wife, thought I was hell-bent on getting


us refused admission!  

Labour Committee security personnel were on hand to ensure that our arrival at our West Village destination was expedited. The whole business was handled with such efficiency and thoroughness that the sense of urgency I had experienced on the plane began to diminish. Yet after a somewhat lengthy discussion involving other people, I once more felt compelled to speak and launched into a lengthy treatment of the so-called "leadership problem," in the course of which I informed Marcus that he was about to be assassinated, either that night or the next night 30th and 31st of December.  

It was at that point that "deprogramming" proper began. "How did I know that?" I was asked. I must have some basis for such an assertion. Yet at that point I had no answer. I could not utter a word. The first session lasted approximately four hours. While it was in progress it became clear that I had indeed been brainwashed. It is not necessary to produce heaps of details, times and places to substantiate the assertion. As the evening wore through it became clear that this was the only conceivable explanation for my almost psychotic behaviour of the previous days. For example, interrogation had to be conducted in three languages, English, German and Russian. Until that evening, even though I was in regular contact with German-speaking comrades, I was unable to speak their language. Yet that evening I blossomed into a fluent German-speaker, with a pronounced Ukrainian accent. As for Russian, I had never had anything to do with the language, yet during a brief period of the evening I was able to speak it, though I was only able to approximate a six-year-old's vocabulary.  

That evidence alone suggests that this Was more than psychosis. It was an induced psychosis, brainwashing. I began to produce evidence that could be verified in the real world. The phrases that my interrogators used to trigger responses were KGB key and code style phrases. This was information which I could not possibly have had unless I had been in contact with either KGB personnel or agents who knew their procedures. Indeed, I was unaware that the Labour Committee security staff were using those procedures that evening. In that sequence, I had to have been programmed before I arrived.  

Eventually conditions were created in which it was found that I could answer the question that had been posed at the beginning of the session. If I was questioned in Russian, it was found that I would provide answers in my Ukrainian-accented German. I informed the gathering that Marcus would be assassinated by a seven-man Latin death squad. All I had to do was call the following telephone number on Perry Street, and the


squad would be activated.  

That squad actually existed. Unbeknown to me, Marcus's apartment had been under surveillance for the two previous days by just such a team. Labour Committee defence staff had identified them at that time as members of the "CAL" and "MIRA" outfits. This information was later cross-checked to reveal that they were, in fact, part of a hit team called "Furia." The telephone number at Perry Street was manned that night, but dead the next day.  

Immediately the New York Police Department was informed of these developments, a press release issued, and the organisation put on a full alert to respond to breaking developments. Neither the police department intelligence division, nor the press apparently took our evidence seriously.   



But that was only the beginning. At that stage we had thwarted an assassination attempt, and we had uncovered a trail which it appeared led us directly towards Moscow and the KGB. It was not only that my program instructions were in Russian. Labour Committee intelligence personnel knew that the "Furia" squad was controlled by the Kremlin via North American KGB headquarters in Montreal, and, of course, via the Cuban connection with the Puerto Rican terrorist movement. More than that, we supposed at that stage in the proceedings that the Kremlin had a motive for undertaking this kind of operation, whose parallels with the slaying of Trotsky do not need underlining.  

After all, Operation "Mop-Up" against the scabbing CPUSA had outraged a depression-demoralised international "left," and had frightened the Kremlin rigid. As our forces began to develop in Europe, from the spring of 1973 onwards, they switched their anti-Labour Committee campaign over there, hoping to isolate and destroy us before we could become a threat. They had attacked us for months in the pages of Horizont, Neues Deutschland and Unsere Zeit. Even Pravda carried an article condemning the Labour Committee as "fascistoid." They seemed to have a motive alright. But did the Soviets have the capability to mount an operation which involved the brainwashing of a British subject, the apparent sabotage of a British aircraft, and a Latin death-squad active in New York City?  

More than that, why would any agency which wanted to assassinate Marcus go to the expense to brainwash someone; why wouldn't they just get on and do it?  

During the next two days, December 31 and January 1, as my deprogramming continued, and as other evidence was accumulated, the answers to these questions became clear.  


Firstly, it became apparent, as the brainwashing of two U.S. citizens and Labor Committee members was revealed, namely Bill Engdahl, a Texan polio victim from Chicago, and Alice Weitzman, a musician from New York State, that far more was involved. News began to trickle in from Britain. The British government announced that I had "a long history of paranoia" -- a charge that was subsequently picked up by the New York Police Department thereby indicating that such a history may indeed be being created. If such a manufactured product does appear, however, everyone will know who authored it.  

After the first deprogramming session in the West Village, and after a short visit to St. Vincent's Hospital occasioned by yet another paranoid thought -- this time that a cyanide capsule had been built into my front tooth -- I was taken uptown to rest.   



It was then that the full horror of what had been done to me struck home. As the euphoria of having cracked the first layer of programming began to wear off, as my body became tired from the strain of sleepless days and nights since before the twenty-seventh, I began to fall into a programmed state of depression collapse. And as the collapse set in, I began to live through the physical symptoms of catatonic death. My physiology had been programmed to self-destruct as attrition set in.  

Let me explain the symptomology of that night of hell. As I lay down to relax, I became completely dissociated. My body was completely separated from the workings of my "conscious" mind. I could not move. I began to experience choking sensations at my throat, i could no longer feel my heart beating, nor my pulse pounding. I could not feel my lungs working to breathe. At the same time every muscle in my body was hyperactive, pulled in both directions by what felt like short but powerful electric shocks. These feelings would proceed in what can only be described as waves; starting at my throat and descending over a period of about twenty minutes to my toes, then reversing, and over the same time span mounting to my throat. The cycle was repeated continuously between about 1:30-2:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. Prior to that time I had been talkative, observant of the apartment I was in. I complained about the dominant smell of the place, noticed and remarked constantly on the unread books on the formally arranged bookshelves, and railed against the owner's taste in music, even his choice of artists. Before the reader jumps to the conclusion that I'm either rude or completely devoid of any social graces, I should point out that the owner was not present.  

Yet for that approximately five-hour period (1:30-  


6:30 a.m.), the two people who were caring for me that night thought I was asleep. Except for one moment at about 3:00 a.m. when I insisted that "Hans," a final year German medical student, hold my hand. At that point I was convinced that I would die that night, and I wanted to establish contact with a fellow human before I did so. Fortunately he did not fall for that, even though I could not speak, and told me to concentrate on the music that was playing, just like Marcus had told me to do.  

That was what saved me. For that whole night Beethoven was played: symphonies, concertos, string quartets, piano sonatas. It was not the music per se that did it. Rather, it was the effort to concentrate on the music. That effort took my mind away from its morbid fascination with a pain-wracked body it could not control. That effort to keep open to what was going on, even though my body seemed to the two people present to be sleeping, as they now report, kept me alive.  

As the sun began to rise my symptomology changed once more. With the light of day another manic state set in. Spooks, I argued somewhat irrationally, are creatures of the night, and therefore can't get you by daylight. My body was no longer spooked. We therefore began a euphoric Beethoven cycle, listening to especially the "Pastoral" Symphony ('"the world is young" is its subject) and to the "Grosse Fugue," in which Beethoven explores his own ability to create.

Later that day, the 1st of January, we proceeded to Brooklyn to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Samuelly. The car ride there set me back into a depressive state of paranoia. I was convinced that, at that moment, I was living out the film I had seen on the flight from London. I was convinced that my wife was going to be shot on the way, and forced myself to respond in what I thought was the appropriate fashion. These feelings were heightened by our difficulties in finding the doctor's apartment. Every stop for directions was, I thought, a check-in point with "them." Though if anyone had asked who "they" were, I would not have been able to answer.

In this state I naturally considered that poor Dr. Samuelly was one of "them," too. So when he began to talk about hypnosis, I lapsed into a kind of non-hypnotised catatonic state. I would not respond to questions, would not move except to stroke my chin with the index finger of my right hand. Dr. Samuelly began to talk to Marcus in the other room. I concentrated intently on what I could hear them saying. He considered that I should be hospitalised. I was a potentially dangerous psychotic, a paranoid schizophrenic, I could break out of that state at any moment and attack someone. He would not credit Lyn's argument that I had been brainwashed. And, in addition, he held out no hope that I could get remission. As  


he said that, my state of mind changed again. I broke out of my physical trance and yelled, "Lyn we've done it. We've defeated that unholy alliance between man and goat -- the popular front."  

Samuelly was amazed and frightened by this abrupt change, seeing in it confirmation of everything he said. He could not tolerate for one moment the idea that what was being said to him could be true -- even though he had assisted the deprogramming of Konstantin George. I tried to convince him by saying that he was turning down the chance to make a breakthrough in the psychoanalytical profession. This case was of obvious world-historical importance. But coming from me that kind of remark did not help too much!  

We left and headed on back to yet another apartment. Once back in the car I again began living out the phantasy of the film. This time I was convinced that when we got to where we were going "they" would contact me, to give me poison capsules, one for Marcus, one for myself. If they did not do that, then, so I thought, I was supposed to commit the assassination myself. I was deluded enough at that point to imagine that I had the capability and technique to do it!  

That night we talked at length. I no longer had my glasses. Intelligence staff thought they could have something to do with the "program," and as my right eye is far stronger than my left, I was giving everyone one- sided stares as I struggled to see them. But to give you another example of the state of my mind at that point, when I was asked why I was doing that, I immediately picked up an imaginary rifle, sighted it, and said, "Because I'm a trained marksman." I then reassured Lyn that no harm would come to him, because at that point it could only come from me, and I wasn't about to do anything to him.  

The session that evening, January 1st-2nd, was initially set up so that I would begin to actively consider the emotional states of others. By early in the morning we began to consider the keys and codes I had produced in the first session and this one. Starting from the word "rat" we went via sewer rats, water rats, operators, and apparats to more permutations involving other words, and we arrived at the phrase "no sell can rat," i.e. "rat cancel on" reversed, near enough. My head began to feel as if it was being encased in cast iron. We had discovered the key which completely screwed up the programme.  

At that point I began to assure people that I was deprogrammed. If that was the case, they wanted to know, then I would be able to tell them who did it, where it was done, and what they wanted me to do. I couldn't. The cast iron cap descended ever tighter on my brain. Ideas would not come. I felt stupid, ignorant, desperate -- if I could not come up with something then who knew  


what might happen to any of the people I was with. I had to fight out of the state.  

This period, the day of the 2nd, marked a period of transition. As I summoned the effort to fight out of the first layer of programming, the level on which I had been programmed to carry out specific instructions, "Plan 'A'."  

I came out not into reality but into other layers of programming which had been set up to ensure that I would become a self-perpetuating mental zombie, absorbing information from the outside into the various other layers of programmed information that had been built on top of my self-conscious mental apparatus,  

"No sell can rat" sent me into the mental horror of the "infinite loop"; my mind was programmed to program itself. Yet I had one instruction in that state which was preplanted for recovery at the onset of the infinite loop. I had been programmed with three telephone numbers, one in New York, one in Glasgow and one in London. The New York telephone number, as it transpired, was the Red Squad number; the name of Detective Finnegan sprang to my mind--even though I had never had dealings with either that department or its officers up to that point. Except my recollection that early in the morning of the 31st I had met one Detective Finch.  

Those numbers were my last programmed instructions, My remission was now a question which, even with all the expert help in the world, I could only settle for myself. I had to choose between a life of associative fantasy derived either euphorically, or depressively from whatever input others made, and linked in part to earlier phases of the brainwashing operation, or I could become a self-conscious human being acting in and on a real  world, populated by other real people.  

That choice was the most difficult of all to make. For several days I actually mounted a rearguard struggle to maintain the joys of my own "private" fantasies. No admission was too degraded for me to make, no lie too big to be told. Truth and fantasy became mixed in an infernal kaliedoscope as Lyn, my wife and other friends lovingly tried to wean me from my dreams. They concentrated on ending the dissociation which my programmers had inflicted on my body and mind. They encouraged me to relax. They showed me how I could see, hear, taste and smell again, they developed physical exercises so I could renew self-conscious control of my bodily functions and movements,  

Yet even by Saturday 6th of January, when we had an appointment with a second psychiatrist, a Dr. Herbert Spiegel -- who is a well-known expert in military psychological warfare of the "Manchurian candidate"  


hypnotic variety -- I was still preferring to back away from the real world into euphoric fantasies of associative thought. Dr. Spiegel profiled me to determine whether I was a hypnotisable "object" or not. He came to the conclusion that I wasn't, and, because of my fearful reactions to the process, decided that I was a paranoid schizophrenic. He, like Dr. Samuelly, did not consider remission likely, but he at least prescribed rest and relaxation rather than hospitalization as the curative method, if remission was to be achieved.  

During that period of "rest and relaxation," between the sixth and tenth of January, I was able to make conscious use of the efforts others had made between the visits to Samuelly and Spiegel.  

I concentrated on recovering control of my senses. I went through the exercise schedule that had been developed on at least two days, and began to regain conscious control of my breathing and vision, etc. I ate well and often, thanks to the sacrifices of Labour Committee members (at the time I was under the mistaken impression that our fund-raising work was proceeding well!). I plunged with enthusiasm into the early piano sonatas of Beethoven, concentrating this time on the development and maturation of that composer's creative powers, on his Promethean, i.e. self-consciously human, worldview. I began to relate to other people in a real way, to take note of things that were going on around me, to cook, to wash dishes -- even to wash myself regularly again!  

Then a third kind of evidence from the "deprogramming" suggests the approximate length of time that would have been needed to prepare me for the task. I had to have been taught German and a bit of Russian. I had to have been programmed with the various keys and codes. Other evidence, now on tape but irrelevant for these purposes, demonstrates that a full treatment of retrogressive psychoanalysis, with torture, electro-shock, drugs, hypnosis, was necessary. In effect, to prepare one functional psychotic with the capability to run around New York to deliver a garbled message to Marcus, make two phone calls, and then prepare the "infinite loop" eight-level program in case plan 'A' did not work out, would have taken something like three to four hours a day over three months.  

There is no place that could have been done, except the North London slum school, Sir William Collins, in Camden Town's Charrington Street, London NW1. That school exists, and even without this business should be closed down; it is in the vanguard of government counterinsurgency organising of working-class youth. But let's leave that aside for the moment. Brainwashing was not carried out on the school premises, but over the road in a derelict housing area, there Irish and Scottish  


workers and young student types squat because they can't afford to pay London's astronomical rents. The school was merely a cover for the deal.  Why then did I continue to go back there? Didn't I know what was going on? The answer is simple: I did not know what was happening. At the end of every session I was provided with a film-strip memory of the events of the day, and under hypnosis told to forget everything except that, and to return the next day. The first two days, September 17th and 18th, I developed an irrational hatred for the place, and attributed it to the pupils. I could not work there; so I told my wife. But there's a depression going on. People need money to live. That was our major concern. She told me that she knew exit was difficult, that she had taught in that kind of school, New York's Haaren High School and I'd get used to it. By Thursday the 20th of September, I had convinced myself to see it through. "After all, you have to eat, don't you?" I told myself,  

More than that I will not go into at this point. I will, as I laid out above, stick to what I know as fact. As my memory returns, I will publish a blow-by-blow diary of what happened under the cover of that school. That is a promise I intend to keep. People have to know what these butchers do, and intend to do to everyone. They may not plan to spend so much time, effort or money on you, but they've got you on their files, by character-type at least. We will not allow the 1970's to be marked by the "smokestack" blindness which destroyed the Germans in the 1930's. If such a diary does not appear, you will at least know why, and will still be able to do something about it.  

Yet I still slipped back, though for periods of shorter duration every day. Such setbacks occurred when I felt compelled to do one of the things I always enjoyed most writing. During the previous week this compulsion had produced a set of program "specs" for Lyn's inspection. In this period I produced my last "print out." It was a kind of real-time calendar on which I computed a real calendar of my life over the past four months, taking as my starting point the fact that I was then some four days "slow," as it were! My wife and I went over times we could both remember independently of each other, of course developing the background information to how our relationship had deteriorated over that period, and how my psychological states had changed. 

I received complete remission on the 9th of January, the day we planned to have our hearing for an injunction against the CIA, City of New York and New York Police Department heard by Judge Metzner in the Southern District Federal Court of Manhattan. Afterwards we went for a car ride, as an elementary security precaution  


while the apartment we were staying at was checked out. I began to feel paranoid again, wondering if we were being followed or not, what the procedures to follow this time were, etc. On our way back it suddenly dawned on me how stupid I was being. "I'm not programmed," I thought to myself. When we arrived back I told other people present about how I had felt on the ride, and how I had resolved the doubts. It was true. I was human for the first time. Even that did not stop the doubts. The next day, for example, I began to wonder if the whole thing had really happened. Perhaps it was all just a figment of my imagination, like so much that had happened during that whole period had been.  

But I began to realise there is no other coherent explanation. The content of the above account would be clear to any reader able to make adequate use of his or her intellectual powers. I was a victim of the brainwashing crime of menticide. Of that there can be no doubt.  

Let's briefly survey the key pieces of evidence. Firstly the changes in my psychological states during that period, twice diagnosed within the period under consideration by qualified psychiatrists, experts in their field. One did not consider remission a possibility, one gave it unlikely consideration. Now we have total remission. Secondly, the content of the psychosis, the information that was produced during the early part of the period, particularly the facility with which I spoke German, Russian, the information about the attempted assassination, the telephone numbers. None of these would ordinarily have been known to me. Yet they were revealed during my psychotic interlude.  

This kind of evidence is clear indication of the fact that the psychosis was induced.  

Then my changes in psychological states over that period suggest how the psychosis was induced. Any competent pharmacologist who reads through the symptoms of those days would immediately recognise that loss of sleep and lack of food alone cannot provoke such speedy changes. Few would deny however that drug-induced changes would be accelerated by such contributory phenomena. Indeed, pharmacologists could actually be of assistance to us in this matter in helping us to identify the type of drugs involved.  

Still, from the internal evidence of the program we have at least established where the track of my assassins starts. Let's not worry about Latin squads for the moment, or the New York Police Department. Let's ignore the fancy trail that leads "directly" to the Kremlin via key and code, Cuba, Montreal and various slanders etc. The Kremlin and its KGB were not directly involved in this, even if they had wanted to be. They also were the victims of a frame-up attempt -- which we have  


prevented. It still remains to be seen how the Kremlin and its foreign parties will respond. They may go on believing that they have a foreign intelligence apparatus, refusing to recognise the truth of the matter which is that since 1968 most of their foreign operations in this field have been infiltrated and run by the CIA. We will have to wait to see if our Soviet acquaintances want to continue on such a course,  

However, let's ignore such red herrings laid so sweetly across the trail and stick to the people and institutions which really matter.  First, we have Sir William Collins School itself. Whether or not its staff were actively involved, they are certainly dupes, involved by implication in the perpetuation of this crime. Then the Inner London Education Authority's (ILEA) divisional office II, situated in London's Oxford Street. These were the people who allocated me to the school in the first place, Then the Inner London Educational Authority itself, which allows such practices to go on in its schools. Its administrative head is one Dr. Briault. Then the Greater London Council, which controls the ILEA, and is presently administered by the Labour Party under labour aristocrat Sir Reg Goodwin. But the contents of the program were military, so we must turn our attention towards the British Intelligence services MI5 and MI6, domestic and foreign departments respectively; towards the chiefs of staff of the armed forces; and towards the appropriate government member, probably from the Ministry of Defence, who oversaw the operation.  

Given the fact that I was programmed in Britain and shipped over here for "use," presumably because I could obtain access to L. Marcus with ease, the whole affair must have been international in its conception from the start. Anyone who investigates the whole business with honesty or decency should direct their preliminary enquiries towards those institutions above. Observers should pay careful attention to the heads which begin to roll in Britain as the news begins to break. Labour Party members, and members of the National Union of Teachers, National Association of Schoolmasters, and Assistant Masters Associations who want to clear themselves of this affair (staff members at the cover-school were unionised in those respective unions), who intend to show the working class that they will not tolerate brainwashing know what they must do. They must use this material to light such a fire under the present government of Britain that it will fall. Anything less than that is to implicitly condone the barbaric practices the Heath government has espoused.  

Such a course of action would begin to clear up the British end of the affair very quickly, for the time being. We are already beginning researches into the criminal  


activities of British intelligence in particularly Northern Ireland, but we would obviously appreciate the help of anyone in the United Kingdom who can improve the quality of our information. For example, it appears from this distance that the counter-insurgency career of Brigadier Kitson could be explored profitably. But more generally we need to know how any army-based intelligence service operates in civilian life. Their methods may be antiquated, since they seem to be fixated on provoking bomb outrages, but they still manage to be effective, though that will be increasingly difficult as their credibility is impaired.  

From this information we can already extend our net. Everyone knows the name of the U.S. agency which can operate with impunity abroad. It's the CIA, of course. Given the fact that the FBI is now under the control of the CIA, and that the New York Police Department has clearly been infiltrated at key tactical points by CIA operatives working on LEAA national police force-style programs, it becomes clear that the agency which planned to make use of me here, the agency which was effectively dictating a course of action to the British government, was none other than the friendly bogeyman of the "free-world colossus," the CIA itself.  

We can substantiate the point with ease. We can even enlist the help of that agency's camp-followers -- like Eric Sevareid of CBS, and as a negative indicator, the New York Times, to help us in the task.  

By the first of January, news began to break in New York, via the British press, that a red scare was about to be unleashed in Britain. Tanks and troops encircled Heathrow airport looking for an ill-assorted and evidently non-existent collection of Irish and Arab terrorists armed with Russian ground-to-air missiles. Would you believe? The British General Staff didn't. They denounced the moves as a hoax, saying that they'd been directly ordered by Heath himself. No doubt he thought himself back in his early adolescence playing games with toy soldiers. Meanwhile, the Daily Express, (a viciously right-wing newspaper) printed a list of terrorist groups, about twenty of them, including "a North American revolutionary organization in Europe." Given our now overwhelming dominance of the U.S. left, that piece of descriptive writing evidently referred to the Labour Committee tendency.  

That answered one question which had been troubling us. Why would anybody go to such trouble and expense to assassinate Marcus? Evidently we were about to be used in the Red Scare which predictably broke in Britain during the next few days, when blame for the depression, which has hit Britain more acutely than elsewhere in the advanced world, was laid fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Communists and International Socialists  


who were, apparently if not credibly, creating impossible conditions in the trade-union movement,  

At this point we correctly deduced that we were being set-up, to play a part in a scheme that was taking place on a much larger scale. As Marcus put it, we were "the pawn that bit." Thereafter Sevareid encouraged the prospect that some kind of police state be created in Britain, and the London Times announced that 30-40 CIA operatives had arrived in Britain in September to provide the skills in counterinsurgency which bomb-crazy British intelligence and police forces lacked. The information for the article came from one Miles Copeland, who was denounced by members of the House of Commons as a CIA agent,  

That information enabled us to pull most of the pieces together. The Labour Committees, the only organization at this moment capable of fighting the depression, was to be implicated in bomb-scare tactics in Britain and Europe. The organization here would be thrown into chaos and confusion after it had been decapitated. Such chaos and confusion, though, would have been a social phenomenon, the excuse to bring down Heath and replace him with a police-army repressive state, and use the precedent to establish the same kind of government here. Nixon was to be mopped up, along with the waters of the CIA's making,  

That was the game plan that the Labour Committee pawn thwarted. We launched a massive propaganda/agitational counterattack aimed right at the head of the beast, and momentarily we stopped it in its tracks, But that was only one battle. The war remains to be won.  

The CIA's game plan is backed up by the threat of introducing the techniques of behaviour modification that were used on me in a massive way. Already our research indicates that especially black ghetto youth and prisoners are victims of that terrible crime.  

At this point it's necessary to explain, in general terms, how brainwashing works and how it can be overcome. That will provide the necessary infomation to identify the tools, dupes, accomplices, etc., of the CIA in this overall campaign. Such people, and the institutions they work for, will then be added to the list of my assassins,  

Put briefly, in the kind of actually human society we are in the process of creating, brainwashing would be impossible. Not merely because the torturers who do it would no longer exist, but because there would be no more "subjects" for them to torture. Brainwashing is only possible because under capitalism man has an alienated, actually psychotic view of himself. He has no self-conscious knowledge of his actual human identity, That's why brainwashing works. Not because brain-washers are smart. Not because they understand the  


human mind and intelligence. As will be demonstrated, they don't. Not because some people can be easily broken. Everyone can, really easily.  

Here's how they are able to do it. For ordinary run-of-the-mill social occasions man puts on a mask, in much the same way people put on clothes when they get up in the morning. The mask is identified variously as super-ego or persona. For these purposes we will use persona. Like clothes, i.e. the difference between working clothes and leisure wear, the persona has to be acceptable to the social milieu in which it exists. In this society a person defines himself or herself as that which will be acceptable to family, peer group, work-mates, etc. The individual adapts himself to the expectations of those around him or her.  

At the root of this adaptation to external pressure lies the family. Especially the mother who brings up her young to view the outside world as a realm of magic, dominated by dark mysterious forces, like spooks and bogeymen, who lurk in dark nooks and crannies, waiting to waylay the poor adventurer who wanders off the straight and narrow path, and begins to question how things really work.  

The persona is a magic device to deal with the mysterious world of hostile outside forces. A trick to prevent others from seeing the real self underneath. For in this society everyone knows that the real self is something which should be kept hidden away, far from prying eyes just in case the neighbors notice and complain. The self watches on helplessly as it is forced into continual acts of self-degradation.  

As with the oil hoax. Everyone knows the oil crisis is a hoax. The government even says so. Yet people still have to queue up for gas. They know, the gas station knows, the oil companies and banks know (after all they arranged it). People have been put in a position in which they have to degrade themselves, and of course they do. What would the neighbors say if they didn't take that shit seriously? What would they have to bellyache about at work if they didn't swallow Rockefeller's dose?  

The real self watches helplessly, as the persona embarks on its suicidal course, bowing to family needs here, the boss's needs there, the bank and finance company there, the neighbors down the block, etc. All to the accompaniment of the rhythmic chant Mother drummed ceaselessly into the minds of all her children, even if the tune varied: "food, money, home, food, money, home, food, money, home, food, money, home." Mother, however, never knew how the food was produced. It appeared in the supermarkets. She never knew how a house was built. They are things you buy from a real-estate dealer. She never knew where the money came from, or what it represented. Father just brought it home  


every week -- or every now and then.  

Now Mother's magic chant doesn't work anymore. Food is disappearing from the shop shelves. Homes are unobtainable, rents are rocketing. Money is difficult to come by. Jobs get harder and less easy to stay in. The magic doesn't work but it's all there is. The desperate persona no longer fits the social situation, no longer meets the expectation of mother and children. But still the self can only watch helplessly, breaking out from time to time into fits of impotent rage, blaming wife, kids, job, everyone but itself for its horrible plight.  

That in the broadest social terms, which everyone will recognize as truth, is the situation the brainwasher creates for his victim. He concentrates the social process which is affecting everyone right now. He destroys the persona by smashing all his object's illusions about himself. Then he proceeds to build up, literally a new identity based on his misconceptions about his own mind, and, therefore mind in general.  

For the brainwasher the self does not exist. Self-consciousness for him means nothing more than the embarrassment of the gawky adolescent. How could he understand then the potential humanity represented by that inner voice, which can, when cathexised with emotion become the basis for a human identity? How can he understand that no matter how sophisticated his programme, no matter how complicated his armory of electrical gadgets, no matter how mind-blowing his druggery, he can do no more than lock up his victim's self-consciousness? He imprisons his victim within the confines of his own head.  

For him the human mind is constructed like this. First there is the public front, then below that the emotions, then below that physiological processes, neurological processes, etc.; below that an "it," a kind of pulsating, quaking mass -- the shaky ground of being, as it were. He knows no social relationship, he knows only stimulus and response. Every behaviorist writer in this field finds it impossible to distinguish man from animals like dogs and rats.  

For example. James V. McConnell of the Institute for "Social" Research at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, is called an expert on the family. He does his research on -- guess what? -- worms!! You might wonder what his mother was like. Most writers argue that there is a difference between men and animals, but they then go on to tell us that most experiments con- ducted on dogs can be replicated on human beings. So if there is a difference -- well -- they can't quite say what it is.  

They arrive at their "it" very easily. They can do it to anyone who isn't self-conscious of his or her actual  


human identity. Their publications, all are on the public record, state quite categorically that they would like to, or intend to. Their basic approach is simple. They take an individual, isolate him, "desensitise" him by drugs or electro-shock, and then, when the individual is thrown back totally on the resources of the self, the helpless self, they destroy his identity, piece by piece. They use the techniques of retrogressive psychoanalysis to destroy everything the individual ever took for certain in his world.  

First the father is destroyed. For most people the father image is an image of potency. Father works on and in the world and changes it. He is a source of ego strength. So they destroy him. Then the mother: they reinforce all her magical fears of the mysterious outside world, force the object to propitiate those fears by making him confess to the most degraded kinds of ill treatment of his mother. Then they destroy sexual identity. "The only women you ever had were ones who seduced you. It was always the same wasn't it." They take all the fears, all the guilt which the self thought it was protecting, bring them out into the light, magnify them and use them to destroy the identity.  

Then they begin to build. "You want an identity, we can give you one. Eat shit." "You want to love, try this sheep." And so on, until they come to the specific tasks they have in mind for you to do. Once they have programmed those in, you are free to go off and do what they want, until they decide they don't need you any more. You are trapped in a little box made out of your own fears, reinforced with an electric perimeter fence and camouflaged by drugs. But you are kept in that box, not by their gadgets, but by your own fear of breaking out of it. In consequence the way to beat the brainwashers is exactly the way to beat the hold of mother's fears of real activity in the world. Fight against them.  

That's why every worker who reads our material on this affair knows the truth of what we say. He knows that daily the lid is being shut down on his little inner box. Daily his room for maneuver is restricted as he is forced to degrade himself in his own eyes just to stay alive. Yet he knows that going stir-crazy is no answer. He also knows that somewhere there has to be an alternative, a solution to his problem. What he won't admit so readily is that he is the solution to his problem. It is his ability to overcome fear, to organize others around the inner needs he has kept to himself for so long that will set him free.   

That is what the brainwashers will never understand, as long as they remain brainwashers. To make the effort to understand that would be to invite the admission that they too, after all this time, are human beings. But  


imagine what that would mean in terms of recognizing the animal criminality of their lives up to this point.  

Brainwashing began, as it will end, as a counterinsurgency operation. British psychological warfare experts, John Rees and Sargent, began to develop the implications of Pavlov's conditioned reflex experiments on dogs for human beings. Pavlov had found that under certain conditions of extreme stress he could induce a state which he called a "transparadox" in his dogs. In this state the dog's previous responses to stimuli were no longer operative, and conditions were created for the induction of new responses. That means, he did to the dogs what brainwashers now do to people. He put them in situations in which their normal "dogginess" was no longer enough to get them by. In this regard he makes constant reference to the flooding of the river Neva in Leningrad in the early 1920's. His dogs were so panicked as flood-waters filled the laboratory cellar where they were kept that all his years of experimental conditioning were literally washed away.  

That is what Rees and Sargeant took as their starting point, and they began the educational programs first for the OSS, then the CIA which would ensure that human applications of this barbarism were developed. The brainwashing scandal at the time of the Korean war provided the next bench-mark in the history of this filth, American military specialists, counterinsurgents and quacks determined to find out how the Chinese were able to change the behavior of so many all-American boys. It was in the aftermath of that research that high-powered gadgetry was added to the torture chamber techniques of the behavior modifiers. Neurosurgery (brain-butchery) and electro-shock techniques were refined, drugs with mind-destroying potential like LSD-25 began to be developed. (Methedrine, interestingly enough, was developed to speed up this process. It creates the conditions in which people are willing to relive painful experiences; that's known as abreaction therapy.)  

Then, of course, computer applications were developed as von Neumann and Norbert Wiener began the wild goose chase of simulating human intelligence. They were bound to fail because a computer can only know what it is programmed to know. A machine cannot create. But for minds which do not understand that creativity is a human quality, accessible to all human beings, his rationalization had to be that the computers were not good enough. Now, as is evident from the job that was done on me, they obviously "think" they have overcome that problem.

In reality, all this array of technical gadgetry is unnecessary to their practice. The Chinese were able to achieve substantially the same results in the 1950's, as  


the British have found out in their treatment of internees in Northern Ireland. Simple techniques, like depriving people of food and sleep, forcing them to stand, hooded so they can neither see, hear, nor smell are just as effective. The trouble is this takes longer, because most human beings have a capacity to withstand simple physical pain. It's the destruction of the social identity, even the bourgeois monad-like identity, that is important from their standpoint, and that crime is speeded up with the application of their technical gimmickry.  

We have already determined, up to a certain point, who and what was responsible for this affair in Britain. Let's now take the U.S. end of the operation and, starting from the people who run the CIA, namely the Rockefeller family and their allies like Robert MacNamara, continue down our trail towards those who are responsible.  

We already know that the CIA was planning to use the Labour Committees as a piece in a much wider game. We can not, by checking out the connections, from Rockefeller and the CIA in the brainwashing crime trail establish what that broader game is. Rocky and his men were planning to institute a fascist-style economy using the techniques of behavior modification to secure their way. They were planning to bypass the need for a mass-based fascist movement, and take over from the top.  

How can we be sure? The answer is simple. We look at the funding of brainwashing operations and examine the politics of those who are doing it. I'll only establish the general outline here. New Solidarity will be publishing regular organising exposes as the work proceeds.  Philadelphia provides a good example of how the general operation works. The brainwashing outfit at Penn State University under one Wolpe is financed by Robert MacNamara's World Bank, the outfit which is bringing starvation and slave labor to millions across the world, the outfit which planned Brazil. Funds are conduited via the National Institute for Mental Health and other foundation sources to Wolpe, whose gang of torturers work in alliance with the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration and a foundation called "Safe Streets." The aim of the operation is literally this, to decorticate the black and Hispanic ghettos by taking the socially organic leaders and brainwashing them.  

In fact, it's already happened. Ghetto youth gangs, according to our intelligence, were established by CIA were style operatives in the first place in the sixties. Then the usual pattern was followed. Conflict between gangs was fomented. Then "treaties" were arranged between the gangs. Then conflict between gangs and friendly "old style" cops on the beat was set up. The LEAA gives gang members weapons to help this process. Then treaties  


with the cops are signed. Then LEAA operatives within the police force weed out the leaders and ship them out to the country "to make a film." When they come back their behavior has been "modified," they are turned into zombies. That has already happened in Philadelphia, thanks to the whole network of which Wolpe and his crew of butchers are an integral part. The next step, according to our informants in the police force there, is to provoke racial violence in the ghetto, and in the ensuing bloodbath intimidate black and Hispanic working-class peoples into submission. Our sources indicate that this kind of move is planned for this March in Detroit and Philadelphia. The dating is not decisive. The fact, however, that such plans are being mooted at this point is.   

This crew, which prides itself on the number of interventions it has made in living brain tissue with the surgical knife, considers that it is searching for a solution to the problem of violence in this society, especially political violence. Their solution is easy and permanent. They cut out chunks of people's brains. Actually they don't anymore -- that's old-fashioned. They just do nice little jobs like separating the frontal lobes from the rest of the brain, implanting electrodes in people's heads to put them under permanent remote control -- like a child's model aeroplane. It was these guys who said that the 1967 riots in Detroit could have been prevented, or rather a repetition could be prevented, by lobotomising ghetto residents.  

This kind of quack exists in every behavioral science-oriented faculty in the country. We intend to close them all down. Prosecute them under the Nuremburg principle. It's easy to identify them. First you look for a direct connection with Rockefeller, the kind that's clearest in the State University system of New York. At Stony Brook, for example, the behaviorist is lavishly equipped with all kinds of funny gadgets, and lots of laboratory space. Now you know why. Especially when you consider that Alice Weitzman was most probably programmed there.  

Then you look for sources of funding, like the notorious National Institute for Mental Health conduit for World Bank funds, and you look for the CIA, LEAA connections on and around campuses. The easiest way to do this is to check back over professors' academic histories -- you could also see the kind of research work they've done. You see the whole network was built up in the 1940's by a mad Englishman called Dr. John Rees -- the above-mentioned man who brought you Baraka, established the brainwashing infrastructure in Philadelphia, and trained Kurt Lewin, B.F. Skinner and others in Indiana. All you need to do is find the points of intersection in the careers of this core group and their


students with the "professor" under examination.  

If there is such a connection, and if the professor's funding comes from any of the known conduits of their Rockefeller funds, and if he's in the behavioral modification field, then you know that you've got a Nazi Doctor on your hands -- even if he's Jewish: the Hebrew University in Jerusalem is one of the centers of this virus (we'll explain the reason for that in a later article) and you know that he should be dealt with like any war criminal or criminal against humanity. He should be arraigned under the Nuremburg principle, and dealt with accordingly.   

The situation in Philadelphia, with cooperation between leading circles of capitalist rule, the emerging national police force, and academics of the "Nazi Doctor" variety to destroy the minds of workers, unemployed and youth particularly in the ghettos is nothing extraordinary. The same kind of arrangement is being brought to fruition across the nation and in Great Britain. It's the future Rocky and his herd of pet baboons plan for everyone.  

The situation in prisons, with behavior modification, methadone maintenance programs tied in to the carrot of slave-labor work-release is already sufficiently well documented. Indeed, everyone who's been inside recently, or has friends or relatives who have, knows that it's true; now they know why.  

They probably don't know the extent of the operation, though. Take the Midwest, for example. There you have a whole complex of academics, psycho-electric butchers, snake-pit drug manufacturers -- the lot. They operate out of the NIMH-funded department of pharmacology at the University of Chicago, which, on the record, has had six known CIA agents working for it. (Remember, all this stuff can be documented, and is on the public record for anyone to see.) They operate out of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and other campuses in that system, where they develop the programs and train the leaders for such operations as CIA-LEAA-backed "New Detroit." They have a backup team at Wayne State University, which runs an extensive psycho-butchery department. They have an on-line computer at Madison, Wisconsin- the Army computer, which stocks profiles of all layers of the population. And they have an experimental prison in Springfield, otherwise known as "Clockwork Orange," Illinois, where new programs and drugs are tried out on "volunteers." They also work on programs to get more for less out of industrial workers.  

There you have it. In that one complex every aspect of the Midwestern worker's life, from job to family to eating and housing requirements, is planned for. Techniques  


are developed to subvert every waking moment of his life, and drugs are developed to take care of him while he sleeps. Just by way of backup, they plan on involving masses directly in these programs. Now that the depression is here, they are moving out of the experimental theatre and on to the battlefield.  

The main centre of their operation is situated in Boston. That backyard has always been closely associated with U.S. counterinsurgency strategy. It's there that B.F. Skinner, leading theoretician of behavior modification, hangs out. It's there, at Harvard and MIT, that these programs are planned and developed and then put into action in Massachusetts General Hospital, through a gang of mainly ex-Armed Services butchers such as Mark, Sweet, and Ervin.  

In Britain, we need special help to run these types to the ground. We need to establish the connections between police, military intelligence, and S. Rachman of the Institute of Psychiatry, the Maudsley Hospital, William Waiters Sargant of 23 Harley Street, London W1; Hans J. Eysenck of 10 Dorchester Drive, London SE 24; and R.D. Laing (whose present whereabouts are unknown). These people are all apologists for, and practitioners of, the bestial techniques of mind destruction. They should be dealt with like their colleagues in the States. Eysenck, for example, is the leading practitioner of aversion therapy in Britain, and is encouraging people not to want something by giving them electro-shock. He advocates this "treatment" from London's Institute of Psychiatry. Rachman, a colleague of Eysenck, is guilty also of aversion therapy crimes against humanity. Sargant, if he is still alive (he was  


born in 1907) has had a near-forty-year career as lobotomist, and brainwasher. His book Battle for the Mind is a systematic exposition of all the brainwasher's fantasies about their own dog-like minds. He is concerned to show how electro-therapy and drugs can help simulate neurotic/psychotic states seen in voodoo, snake-handling and the early days of Methodism. Laing, one-time psychiatrist in the British army, specializes in the induction of psychosis, not its cure. He gives people the chance to live out their insane nightmares, and the drugs to help them do it, like mescaline and LSD-25.  These British-based criminals, with their U.S. connections, with their probable past connections to Rees, must take their share of responsibility for what happened to me, and for what is planned for the working class of the USA and Western Europe. But make no mistake about where the head of this operation is to be found. Our major target is the Rockefeller dynasty and its worldwide empire. Operation Nuremburg is creating the organizing preconditions from which we will be able to challenge him and his capitalist cronies, whether they are his factional allies at this moment or not, for control of the world economy. But it's up to you, to help us in this undertaking.  

No matter what you decide, though, you will know if anything should befall either myself, L. Marcus, or my wife Carol, exactly who is responsible. If Rockefeller's organization has given its operatives the usual sixty days' notice, and anything happens to any of us, you will know where to point the finger, and what to do about it. But don't wait to find out about it. Get your friends to organize with us against it. It's your future too. 

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